You need a Tramp Stamp!

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Tramp Stamp
“Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bull’s-eye.”

The British call it a “slag tag,” and the Germans call it “ass antlers.” Why should a sissy get a tramp stamp? Because you are a fuckslut, and you know it and everyone else should know it too. You’ve trained hard, and you want to show the top riding your ass that you care about them – that you even want to entertain them!

It can also be used to offer a sneek peek under your panties to show the world your true intentions of taking the whole world to bed!


This one screams “Ride me like the slut I am!”


Say it like it is, in celtic!

“The bigger the stamp, the bigger the tramp.”

The true Tramp Stamp!


Pink hearts

Pink hearts – Our favorite kind!


Here's a sexy one!

Here’s a sexy one!


Are you a dirty girl?

Are you a dirty girl?


Nice and positive

Now that’s nice and positive!


Cherry bomb!

Cherry bomb!


Believe in anal

Not sure what paul has to do with it, but We believe in anal!


That's straight to the point!

That’s straight to the point!


Trained by The House of

Our recommendation for all of Our girls!


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The House is there like a beacon in the darkness.  You have done, and are doing, so much for the community and this sissy is very grateful.



  1. oh my! dearest sisters and Superiors, especially, curtsy, Madame Stewart, curtsy. sissy has no tattoos so far and Wife has not even mentioned them. the reason why sissy is writing this note, other than praising the tramp stamps shown, is slut recently wrote a report about when sluts final bit of Man was taken as slut was fucked by Men. ever since sissy has imagined what her tramp stamp might look like and sissy enjoyed the pictures slut saw in public and in pics. today slut imagines the humiliation if Wife had the word “sissy” tattooed on sluts pubis in large pink letters. then slut given a tramp stampwith various ideas, maybe some pretty graphic and words in large pink color “sissy pleasure spot” right above the spot where her cheeks begin. thank sissy has had more what some would consider strange ideas. like the words in large pink letters “cock sucker” just below sluts titties. sissy would be humiliated over and over.

    1. Sissy Berlin (great name!) <curtsey>,

      Flowers and hearts, yes, this sissy feels and wonders if they could be merged together in some way, like heart shape to the flowers somehow. This sissy has wondered if dew droplets are possible or star sprinkles, something refreshing impossible not to feel the smile pierce through you as the sight enters body. : )

      This sissy, being passionately patriotic, is thinking of adding wavy pink and white stripes with light teal/blue speckled with stars right where her master likes to grab with both hands to hers. Thoughts, she asks her sweat sisters? : )

      Love and Kisses <curtsey>,

      Sissy Tiffany.

      1. Sissy Tiffany ,
        I will have to see if I can get the hearts and flowers merged . That would be so pretty thanks for the thought .
        Pink and white stripes and stars is a good idea I bet it would be cute . I will post a picture when I get my tramp stamp hoping soon .
        Sissy Berlin

          1. Sissy Tiffany , that is so cute I love it I will have to consider it . I do think it would be better with that one in the center then two smaller ones on the sides . What do you think ? I need to get one bad .
            Thanks for sharing with me thanks for the compliment .

          2. Sissy Tiffany ,
            Sissy Berlin is excited tomorrow I get my tramp stamp . I’m not sure if I can wait that long . I will show when it’s done

  2. This sissy smiles as she slips sneak peaks of her “Tiffany” signature pink trampstamp to men who think themselves heterosexual, especially when their girlfriends are standing right there with them! So happy she hopes she makes them.

  3. This sissy would love a tramp stamp as further proof of embracing what and who I truly am. While a “down arrow” at the base of my back would perhaps be a little too obvious as to my desires (LOL), the pink roses would be a wonderful addition to my transformation to the sissy I want to be.

  4. This has actually been something on this sissy’s little mind for some time. Not too long ago, she even went looking for designs to put on her body. The top of the idea list is something featuring Zatanna, and most likely something similar to the attached photo to this post. There’s been sadly no movement yet on attaining the mark.

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