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“indiyoga.ru means “strict behaviour modification for sissies”. Wonderfully, they relieve any guilt you may be feeling, by taking full responsibility for your feminization. There’s a “sissy of the month” a monthly homework assignment for all (this month:shaving), links, “a gallery of sissies”, and an “ask the mistress” section. I really like this site. There seems to be some sort of application process required for full access (involving confession of your secret desires) It doesn’t mention a fee, but I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t one. Still, it’s a pretty nifty site.”

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This sissy just wanted You to know that although s.he has never been involved in an educational experience so personal, this is exactly what s.he needs. You and your Staff must be geniuses. When s.he stumbled into the indiyoga.ru site… Read more “robyn”