Swimsuits for sluts!

Swimsuits for sissies!

Betty Paige shows us how to be hot and wet!

Oh darling, is it ever HOT outside? Steamy, sticky, sultry summer is upon us. A girl can feel positively driven to get a little wet in weather like this! 

If you’re going to get wet, you need a new swimsuit. The first thing to do is to find your body type and size. We’ve already discussed body types in the Figure Training Assignment . In addition to the basics, there are other things to consider.

Stand naked in front of the mirror (keep your hands off that clitty!) –
Which flower best represents your body type?

Well honey, what do you think? Are you being honest with yourself, but not too hard either? Are you just the prettiest little thing ever? Remember though, if a girl becomes arrogant about he r”perfect” figure this can also spoil her appearance. Remember your sissy best behaviour!

LilyLilyWith shoulders wider than hips this is sometimes called the “inverted triangle” figure.Try a tankini or a high-necked tank. Two-piece suits will highlight your waistline. A halter style top makes shoulders look narrower making the total look more proportional. Next, it’s on to the colors and pattern! A solid top with a printed bottom or horizontal stripes on the bottom is sure to balance out the figure.

BegoniaBegoniaWith the entire body more equally distributed, usually with a wider midriff, this is also called the “round” figure. One-piece maillot tanks look best. A tankini will also be fine. Dark solid colors and/or vertical lines tend to slim and give an illusion of height. Patterns and metallics are okay for trim, but no busy prints. No halter-tops! They point to that uncorseted midriff. Chest and shoulders will appear larger if you wear a belt. Remember to try to elongate the look. Dark colors tend to be slimming.

GladiolaGladiolaWith hips and shoulders balanced with little or no defined waist, this figure is also called the “rectangle”. Patterned two-piece suits are great for you. Remember, it’s always important to pay attention to special detailing and patterns that can define the waist, like a wide waistband that is color-contrasted. A “V-cut” wide band is generally best to create more definition. Wider straps will widen the look of the shoulders and minimize the waist. Choose suits with balanced shoulder and hip width, and a defined waist.

DaffodilDaffodilIf hips are wider than the shoulders and bust, this is also called the “triangle” figure.Try a skirted suit that has a push-up bra top or other bust-enhancing tricks like gathers, shirring and smocking. Because you do have hips, you’ll want to draw attention to your smaller bust line with patterns and prints to create balance. No busy prints and textures unless they are vertically ribbed.

TulipTulipIf you can achieve an hourglass figure, you can wear whatever suit you desire and potentially look fabulous!If you must pad and corset yourself, then be aware that these things might show through the swimsuit. This is quite unattractive.

Several swimwear manufacturers have adopted one particular fit system, developed in part by Dupont Lycra, called Suitable Solutions. Numbers identify which benefits apply: “1” means that the swimsuit minimizes the bust, “2” indicates that the suit is a bust maximizer, “3” signifies full-cup support, “4” means a swimsuit that tones the tummy and midriff, “5” identifies a swimsuit that flatters a long torso, while “6” denotes a suit that minimizes the hip and thigh.

Tucking and Shaving become especially important to keep a smooth feminine line. We know you sissies are HOT and that wearing your swimsuit does nothing to cool you off. It’s that special support that spandex and Lycra give that enables you to stay tucked so nice and tight. Why you can stay tucked smoothly all day in your new tankini, bikini, or maillot! And please, a thong is only for you if you can stay absolutely tucked. We don’t want to see any unladylike nonsense from you girls.

Trying on a swimsuit is the best way to see if it will truly fit. What an excellent opportunity to work on your Shopping Assignment! A critical eye and following the guidelines here will encourage you to blossom into a true bathing beauty, swimsuit slut, or bikini bimbo.

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6 months ago

This sissy is a begonia. S.he took he.r measurements to prove it to prove it. Time for some serious weight loss. Meanwhile, s.he will look for a solid red one-piece.

7 months ago

Sissy Stephanie is a Gladiola, and is excited to look for a patterned two piece suit, and find one that offers her a nice tuck for all day wearing!

helen puppy
1 year ago

helen is planning a photo shoot as a pin up girl. This photo shoot has a lot of planning involved. This information about the swimsuit is very helpful. helen thinks it is a gladiola shape. Pin up girls exude fecundity and sexuality and physical feminine power playful yet “killer.” The trick for this sissy will be how to capture the fecundity and playful yet powerful sexuality when this one’s body, face and figure will not without help. The right swimsuit and the right picture composition and expressed sentiment will have to do the job!

princess sissy
Reply to  helen puppy
1 year ago

princess sissy believes your own beauty will enhance anything you wear dear!

1 year ago

This sissy has tulip figure and loves to wear printed swimsuites. She prefers complete swimsuites and has 5 swimsuites. Her favorite is white with blue flowers with slip panties. This sissy wears swimsuit even when she takes a bath not to see what she hates to see when she is naked.

christina hanes
1 year ago

i just bought nice blue and white tankini .

1 year ago

Lila knows h.er size and purchases a new bikini every year. Different style each year, this year was high-waisted and conservative, as, well, this girl is getting older!

princess sissy
Reply to  lila
1 year ago

dear lila, princess sissy has no doubts that whatever you choose will be beautiful on you

allie sweet
2 years ago

This sissy is between a lily and a begonia. I own a base blue tankini with a white floral pattern. It is skirted at the bottom and fits perfectly =)

Allie <3

sissy courtney
2 years ago

This sissy is a begonia, I am looking forward to buying a tankini

christina hanes
3 years ago

I bought a skimpy yellow piece bikini. Then I went to a tanning solon a few days a week. Now I have nice tan lines to go with my shaved legs.

3 years ago

here is my new swimsuit !