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jsmithcici | 04.11.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

This is one of sissy’s favorite assignments. While sissy has not submitted a report until now sissy has referred to this assignment numerous times. Being allowed, at the end of the day, to worship Mistress’ feet is one of the highlights of sissy’s day. sissy has learned from this assignment that being at Mistress’ feet with a worshipful personna is the essence of being a submissive sissy. sissy learned to first take off Mistress’ shoes and stockings or socks and to gently lick Mistress’ feet, between each toe and Her soles. sissy loves the aroma of Mistress’ feet after Her long and tiring day. sissy has worked hard to follow the lesson to have just the right amount of lotion such that sissy’s massage is not too slick but is smooth. Of particular is the ability to gently lotion between each toe and then to gently pull each toe toward sissy. Mistress loves it when sissy uses Her thumb to massage the bottom of Mistress’ foot, applying gentle but firm movements. sissy likes to then use both hands to lotion/massage the entire foot. None of this is done quickly. sissy spends 30 to 45 minutes every night at bedtime tending to Mistress’ feet, worshipping Them. When sissy has completed the motioning sissy then follows the lessons learned by having a dish of warm water and washing Mistress’ feet with a warm cloth. sissy washes Them thoroughly and then drys Them gently. sissy then gently apply a little lotion on Mistress’ feet. Mistress then allows sissy to kneel and softly and gently kiss and worship Her feet. If sissy is lucky this will last for 15 minutes. Every night sissy spends about an hour cleaning, lotioning, and worshipping Mistress’ feet. Every morning the minute sissy awakes sissy kneels by the bed and gently kisses Mistress’ feet, starting the day in a worshipful position showing Mistress the submission sissy feels.

sissy’s pedicures are not at the professional level yet. Mistress and sissy go for a professional pedicure every two weeks. The other week sissy gently cleans Her toenails, tends to Her cuticles, and buffs as needed. Mistress is giving instructions on how to do a complete pedicure and sissy is working at perfecting this. sissy pays close attention when We/we go to the salon at how it is done. Mistress has been on the internet shopping for a station like is used in the salon to put in Our/our basement. Once sissy has more practice Mistress says that She will rely on sissy for all Her pedicures. Mistress’ goal is that sissy be proficient enough to give pedicures to Mistress, The Mom, and The Daughter. Mistress said that sissy will be responsible for stocking the station with polishes etc. for “sissy Jimmie’s nail salon”.

Being at Mistress’ feet is a privilege and one that sissy loves and appreciates. sissy takes this privilege very seriously.

Respectfully submitted,

sissy jimmie


  1. jimmie, you continue to amaze. This sissy wonders where you find the energy?? You seem to embrace your submissive role and then some. Truly an inspiration to all of us. With admiration, ashlyn 🙂

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