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This sissy has been working on he.r tucking. After months of feeling frustrated about how to tuck and knowing s.he needed to commit to tucking away he.r little sissy clitty, this sissy finally began working on it recently.

This sissy humbly submits that s.he seems to be making progress with ensuring that he.r little sissy clitty is neatly tucked making he.r profile more appealing to any superior or real man s.he may find he.rself with in the future.

This sissy understands that an ugly profile in he.r panties, of he.r sissy clit and boy parts is disrespectful to he.r superiors that maintain such pretty smooth profiles in their panties. It is also disrespectful to real men who have a package suitable to showing off in their underwear for sissies to list after. This sissy lusts after the manly packages she sees on men during the day, in ads in magazines or on the Internet. Seeing real men’s packages reminds this sissy what a pathetic male she is. Seeing women’s lovely smooth panty lines, reinforces how subservient this sissy is to all women.

This sissy is constantly frustrated by he.r unnecessary balls. This sissy would have them removed in a heartbeat if it was an option. This sissy just can’t stand the sight of them. This disgust with he.r ugly boy parts is what finally helped he.r to commit to tucking those parts away. If s.he can’t get rid of them, at least s.he can hide them.

This sissy hopes to eventually train he.r sissy ovaries to stay hidden up inside he.r body at all times. S.he has had luck so far with wearing tight panties, but loose boi-panties have been more of a problem. This sissy has been scared to try taping anything place.

Seeing the pictures of this sissy’s tucked sissy clit in he.r panties also reminds this sissy that s.he needs to work on an excercise and diet plan to get he.r body in better shape for he.r superior and as well as a male playmate that she hopes to find.

This sissy has plenty to work on, s.he will continue to perfect he.r tucking in order to keep he.r mind in the right sissy mindset in order to serve he.r Madame and he.r superiors.

Hugs and kisses, sissy kate


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