serenity | 03.02.2019 | Reports - sissySexuality

since serenity has finally been aloud to shine and gets more time to express herself she has become so addicted to the feeling of anal pleasure that she finds herself practicing almost every night.

s.he has a collection of many toys and tho she has ashamedly purged a few time, s.he always ends up buying more.

from a selection on plugs, dildos and vibrators she has managed to finally experience a true sissygasm and omg it is as amazing as all the hypno videos s.he watches said it would be. serenity has read soo many feminization and sissifcation stories and her favourite parts were always being forced to orgasm as a sissy girl.

s.he never believed it at first and it did take some practice but serenity never feels happier than when s.he is has her cute little butt filled, her little clitty tucked away in her sexiest panties dreaming of submitting to a superior until her body quivers and shakes and erupts with pleasure.

s.he now know that this is the only way a sissy like her should ever be aloud to orgasm, although s.he is very strict on sticking to her scheduled days before letting her clitty have any release but s.he will be tucked, plugged and pantied everyday and every night from now on, just like a sissy should be

s.he hopes her photo evidence will i a small way show how much s.he love this feminine feeling

forever submissive and trapped in her sexy girly mind



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1 year ago

This sissy.s first vibrator was the Blue Dolphin of German production. She loved bathing with it very much and even let it dowm deep to her secret place. And the waves of bliss mixed with the waves of this sissy.s large bath.
Serenity, as a sissy you must remember that every appoinyed experiment must serve the perfecting abilities of giving the most pleasure of your Superor as her(his) sexy toy of Property.

1 year ago

i would be honored to adore the sphincter of serenity. i love our staff. yours with curtsies, jamie4423

1 year ago

dear serenity,this sissy agrees completely. i have a new toy , called the b. vibe . it’s a three stage anal bead design, starting at a half inch. the second bead is three quarters of an inch,and then what makes my sissy clit surrender to my white satin panties, is one and one half inches in diameter. it makes this sissy swoon with anticipation for that wonderful special day. and it has a remote controle that works from thirty feet. thank you serenity. warm hugs. its still cold in new york city. yours , jamie4423

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

More of a confession than a report honey. Resubmit for Level II after following the Assignment, as you will learn much more – and that is what you are here for, right honey?