Basic Tucking

danigurl | 06.20.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

It is very important for a sissy to have a limp, flaccid, and tucked back clitty. The sissy must be committed to tuck 24/7. That assures that there is no unsightly bulge in the “girl area” of he.r panties, which is very very unattractive, and not at all feminine. In a sissy’e effort to emulate the appearance of a Superior Female, s.he must tuck, and must remain limp. This will assure respect for the Superior Female, and a level of attraction for the alpha male, for which the sissy must always ready to service sexually.

Along with this gurl’s effort to master tucking, s.he has been listening to sissy hypnosis audio clips intended to deter erection and shrink and maintain a limp clitty in he.r panties. Fortunately the tecture of the penile tissue and skin in the girl area makes it fairly easy to tuck, if the sissy keeps a few things in mind. This gurl has studied the assignment on tucking and has experimented with the instructions as well as adapting a few things s.he has found on he.r own.

This gurl has been tucking well before doing the House assignment. However, s.he learned some very interesting aspects in the training assignment that have significantly improved he.r tucking experiences. s.he found the assignment very informative and useful.

TuckEssentialsOne thing this gurl has learned from the assignment is that the clitty has to be tucked back as far and as tight as possible. The tightness reminds he.r of her social position as a subordinate. It was also learned if done correctly, the clitty should be literally squashed when the sissy is sitting. This must be done carefully though not to damage the clitty, but done so that the clitty will maintain limpness. Anatomically, there are very tiny capillary valves in the penile tissue that close when an erections occurs. When the clitty is squashed, the little valves cannot close and the blood pressure that would cause the erection now just “flows through” the clitty without causing the erection. After a while, the sissy can learn how to control this action and intentionally keep he.rself limp, flaccid and like a noodle. When the clitty is like a limp piece of meat, it can be tucked and maintained that way. The sissy has to learn how to take the sexual energy that usually causes erections, and just let it recycle and be absorbed by the body. The sissy can enjoy sexual stimulation without an erection. Which is the way is should be.

Tuck2This gurl learned from the training assignment that it is not advisable to pull the clitty back with string, because it can damage the clitty. The clitty is property of the sissy’s Superior, and it is the sissy’s most import duty is to maintain the health and condition of the clitty. The sissy’s clitty is maintained at the pleasure of he.r Superior.

The less important the clitty becomes sexually, the more it should shrink and be maintained small. Unlike an alpha male who would be proud of the size of his penis and how erect it might become, the sissy should be just the opposite and be proud of how small and insignificant s.he can make and maintain he.r clitty. Since the clitty is useless, it should hopefully shrink to the size of a Female Clit. (a sissy’s goal)

This gurl prefers to tuck without tucking aids, such as tape or gafs. So it is necessary that a procedure be found so to make tucking as effective as possible and keep it back tightly.

This gurl has determined (at least for he.r) to do the following. 1. Shower daily with a good slippery body wash. 2. While in the shower, use a Gillette Venus brand razor to shave the pubic area, clitty, balls, and ass crack as smooth as possible. When the skin in the girl area is cleanly shaven, it becomes somewhat tacky when dry, and this tacky ness helps to keep the tuck in place. 3. After showering and toweling the body, dry the girl area, and then apply a generous coating of Secret brand Invisible Solid antiperspirant on the clitty, balls and the area behind the balls up to the sissy pussy. This helps keep the whole girl area very very dry and tacky, as well as it imparts a nice feminine aroma. 4. Next tuck the balls back as far as can be to the sissy pussy, and then pull back the limp clitty as tightly as it will go. Close your legs, and pull up your panties to hold the tuck in place. it is truly an amazing feeling to have ones self tucked back. After a while it becomes as natural as can be, and un natural to have the clitty hanging loose out front.


  1. That was such a wonderfully thorough report! Great mindset, too danigurl! It is so good that you found a method that works for you and you are able to continue to follow everyday. That great picture of you shows just how delightfully neutered your tucking has made you. Brava!

  2. Good tucking technique has been misplaced by clitty-centric “Mistresses” (Phone sex workers) using exemplifying techniques on the girls pathetic appendages instead of treating them as they should be. This is called pandering to sexual desire, and has no place with a sissy. As soon as a sissy realizes how useless and pathetic this limp, flaccid, and worthless thing is – proper tucking becomes imperative. Thank you for focusing on this danigurl. We need more focus on this Assignment!

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