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This sissy spent some time chatting with Ms. Stewart. We discussed this sissies craving to be a cock sucking servant and Ms. Stewart was kind enough to assign the cocksucking 101 and fellatio assignments.

This sissy always wants to please Mistress, so sissy spent some time and devoted herself to these two assignments. sissy spent one entire week studying cocksucking 101, searching online for the best techniques, watching instructional videos, and viewing pics of sissies sucking cock. This sissy changed her computer wallpaper to images of bjs and shemale cocks for the entire week which rotated every 10 seconds. This always kept sissy excited and eager to suck nice hot cocks and taste cum every time she was on the computer. sissy also viewed hypno videos of sissies sucking cock all week long.

This sissy is allowed to cum 3 days per week. On sissies approved days, sissy would just cum in her ice cube tray, so she could save her cum loads for her second week of fellatio and cum training. sissy would freeze her cum loads and get so excited about using cum cubes for further cocksucking and cum training.

This sissy loved her cocksucking 101 training. Watching sluts suck cock online, stroking sissies cock and tasting precum as sissy watched sluts eager to swallow loads of hot cum. sissy learned to crave cock in her mouth. sissy learned that cock in her mouth and pleasing a nice cock was all that was important. True sissies just want to please and serve others. sissy was excited to start her second week of fellatio training, to push herself further, to actually put all her studying into practice, and use those frozen cum cubes as part of her training.



  1. Now THIS is a cocksucking Report! Great job honey! So glad We took the time to discuss your goals and came up with a plan to meet them. Everyone loves a good little cocksucker. 🙂 I especially liked the screen saver used and the research on technique!

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