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Day 1
This sissy did not think period would come so quick so was unprepared and it was late at night when Aunt Flo hit so this sissy dug into bag and found a few tampons so immediately inserted on, found a too small bra, put sleep shirt on and climbed into bed for a very long night, this sissy woke up many times feeling the tampon.

Before going to bed this sissy realized that approved wanking day of Wednesday would be missed – it was going to be a long time until Saturday.

Day 2
this sissy was caught unprepared except for a couple of tampons that s.he used on day #1 so s.he had to go to the store to get necessary feminine products. Of course the store was somewhat full and it seemed that this sissy was not the only one who had time of the month. How humiliating to be looking for specific items with no idea where they were among a bunch of women. Not to mention being in that aisle with those items and those women and knowing that this sissy had a string hanging out of pussy, quite possibly like others in that aisle.

After finding the items including the icy hot this sissy went home to take period up a notch and started by applying the icy hot; after applying this sissy thought well that is not so bad… until some time went by and then this sissy experienced nipple and breast discomfort and coupled with the too-small bra breasts were quite distracting and not allowing to concentrate on anything 🙁

The pads that were required/suggested by the house only came in a jumbo pack so this sissy had to carry them through the store to many looks. This sissy also picked up a squeeze tube of strawberry jelly and applied that to the longest pad ever, the Kotex New Freedom Overnites and spread it around and then pulled her panties up and is sitting fairly uncomfortably with the pad doing its job of preventing any leaks.

And how do Girls exercise on their period, between the tampon and the pad and the yoga capris this sissy wears to work out, she is quite aware of where the pad rubbed every step during aerobics.

All this water is making this sissy pee so often which requires this sissy to change her pad and her tampon, ugh, the evil cycle! And this happens every month?!?!?!?!?!?
Ugh, this sissy has to pee again!

Day 3
Last night was a constant having to get up to pee, changing my tampon and pad, laying down and then repeating, ugh… this sissy got no sleep whatsoever! This sissy needs beauty sleep and this period is not allowing it and omg, every month!!! How do Females go thru this? This is turning this sissy into a bit of mush trying to work all day and then get little and very interrupted sleep at night.

This sissy did want to make sure s.he could get full workout in so venture back to the store and that aisle of all things feminine products and bought some super sport tampons. These certainly had a different design and when they expanded, wow, you knew that they were there. That 45 minute workout primarily of aerobics and finishing up with some yoga had this sissy well aware that she was on period… but at least this sissy got her workout in.

In addition, this sissy made sure to coat nipples and breasts coated with the icy hot and between that and earrings on nipples for a good portion of the night has made this sissy’s breasts and nipples very sensitive.

The rest of the day consisted of running to the bathroom what seems like a million times and changing this sissy’s pad & tampon each time. That is a lot of work!

This sissy as s.he gets ready for bed is sure that s.he has another restless night of sleep ahead of

Day 4
This day started somewhat normal, as normal as having a period can be this g.url supposes; as normal as having another restless night of sleep and having to change pad multiple times throughout the night, a night this g.url usually sleeps through 
During the day though, well, this sissy supposes having to go to the restroom multiple, and this sissy means multiple times but then something quite odd happened, something that has never happened to this sissy at work. This sissy started sneaking glances of cute guys and their butts! This girl has never done that when at work, maybe while out in sissy mode, but never not. This sissy could not seem to get her eyes off of certain guy’s asses. Yikes! This made sissy quite horny throughout the day!
When this sissy got home she opened up her e-mail to an e-mail that it was this sissy’s special day! Yay! Finally, relief, especially after seeing so many cute guys and their asses. But then, at the end of the e-mail was the sentence that changed it all. This sissy supposes she knew but there was a moment s.he thought that s.he was going to get some relief… hands to sissy’s self if Aunt Flo was visiting; denied.

So onto working out, sport tampon in and workout started. That sport tampon, wow, one certainly knows that it is there, there is no mistaking it. After finishing workout, this sissy went to change and then it happened, a true bathroom emergency, really out of nowhere…. Massive cramps and as sissy was trying to shed her Capri workout pants and sports bra it happened, the cramps one and there was escape… the tampon even as large as it was, was no match… ew

Needless to say this sissy spent a good part of the night washing her panties, then getting changed… and not much relief from either the cramps or the ewww factor as in a pad went into this sissy’s panties and some added strawberry jelly and as this sissy pulled them up, and there was that ewwww factor again  A different ewww factor, but an ewww factor nonetheless.
This sissy certainly is gaining a whole new respect for what real Women go thru!

Day 5
This sissy has certainly learned and experienced a ton in a short 5 day period… double meaning intended. As this sissy sits here still with a pad in, just in case and knowing s.he will have 1 more night with a pad between legs and likely many trips to the bathroom. Then, tomorrow, it is time to use this sissy’s douche. All in the name of the monthly visitor, Aunt Flo. On the 1 more night thought, this sissy was brought back to reality as she glanced at the period calendar in room, even though this is last day of first period, this sissy saw the next month and the pink days and then the subsequent month realimzing that even though it is coming to end for this month, it is certainly not coming to an end. This sissy is torn about that fact, it was not an easy 5 days and this sissy realizes that s.he “had it easy” this first time around and that Aunt Flo will most likely teach a lesson in subsequent periods.

As the pad chafes this sissy’s thighs as s.he walks, s.he will certainly remember what it is to be on period and realizes that only in a short amount of time, really, it will happen all over again.

Being girly is such a high, males have boring clothes in comparison and don’t get the opportunity to wear short skirts to make other guys look among other reasons why being a girl is much better than being a guy, but they do have one thing going for them…. They don’t have a period, every month!



  1. What a well done Assignment honey! I loved the diary approach – and it showed Us that you did experience the real world conditions of being a Woman. How can it help but give you more respect? Great job!

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