Walking After Midnight

alexandra | 11.22.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

sissy thanks Madame Stewart and the Staff for all that they do to help sissy and her sisters in the House to achieve their true feminine selves. sissy is most grateful for all of the growth that the House has blessed her with.

Since joining the House, sissy has been working on her sissy walk. she does her walk in heels whenever possible but she also practices her walk all the time no matter the setting and situation. sissy most craves doing all of her housework in her heels. Nothing makes her feel her femininity and inspires her conscientious housework like cleaning dishes, doing laundry and making dinner in her 5” heels. Wearing heels while committing to sissy’s service is such very important aspect of sissy’s full feminization.

As sissy has become more comfortable with her walk, she has developed a ritual of consciously employing her sissy walk in crowds while walking down city streets. Just the thought and the first step of her sissy walk with her mindful focus on the placement of her toes with each step, the slight sway to the hip, erect posture which projects her pathetic breasts and proudly walking through the crowd gives sissy the most wonderful rush of happiness and sense of her feminine self. Once again she can only express her gratitude to the House for giving her this gift.

sissy’s journey to a consistently passable sissy walk is far from over but she has tried to make progress during her time in the House to meet the standards expected of her. sissy, of course, was inspired to focus on her sissy walk with her very first assignment, “the Zen of Servitude”. The assignment’s meticulous emphasis on the proper ways for a sissy to walk, kneel and sit made a great impression on sissy. she immediately became conscious to walk, kneel and sit in the manner directed by “the zen of servitude”. sissy strongly found serenity as she walked, kneeled and sat as directed. Naturally this promptly led sissy to carefully study the detailed instructions in the assignment, “sissy walk”.

sissy was most impressed with the many elements that go into a proper sissy walk. The posture, the toe placement, the length of each step, the elbow and hand placement and, of course, the subtle hip sway all come together to complete the true sissy walk. This incredible symphony of motion and stillness throughout sissy’s entire being all combine to create the sultry ballet of the accomplished sissy’s body. Did study so many elements to perfects her sultry walk as she crossed the room to say goodbye to Cricket in “” or was she blessed as a true Woman with the supremely alluring sashay?

For sissy it simply did not come that easily. she followed the steps in the assignment to methodically develop competence in each step of the sissy walk. While sissy had easy access to the books, a mirror and a path marked with a straight line, sissy did have to acquire a pair of heels that would fit her. Unlike makeup, jewelry, and, to some extent clothes, sissy did have to shop online for her first pair of heels. Sissy discovered some very helpful tools on line – a shoe size converter to learn that she is a size 11 or 41.

sissy decided to shop on-line at DSW for a nice selection of women’s shoes that were cost effective and available in her size. So many to choose from, she could easily have ordered a closet full. she settled on a sensible pair of 5” black open toed heels to get her started. As sissy waited for her delivery, she applied herself to the basic elements of the walk. She found a space where she could walk for a reasonable distance and lay down a straight line to guide her course. In her sanctum, she practiced foot placement with grace and control, posture minimizing her waistline and displaying her tiny breasts, stability to manage one and then two books on her head and, of course, hand and elbow placement. Sissy felt that she had established a reasonable foundation for her walk as she anxiously awaited the delivery of her shoes.

It was a thrilling day when sissy’s first pair of shoes arrived in the mail and she faced her first moment of truth. Could she stand at all? sissy was nervous and excited to take her first step. her first instinct was to avoid breaking her ankle rather than maintaining perfect posture and placing her toes properly!! While she found that she could walk without falling, she made quite a racket as she awkwardly clomped across the room. Her first break through was to learn to control her feet sufficiently to minimize the noise she made. Honestly, it took sissy some practice to be comfortable that she could even walk reasonably.

sissy has practiced her walk consistently now for some time. she began filming her walk and had a frustrating revelation as she eagerly watched herself for progress. If she walked with books on her head, her toe placement often suffered and she looked a bit like a boy walking in heels balancing books. Similarly, when she focused on toe placement her posture suffered. She often lost track of her arm and elbow placement when trying to add a hip sway. she respects that developing a consistent and elegant walk like Lauren Bacall is no easy task and that only practice would enable her to attain a passable walk.

sissy decided that it would be useful to study Women at public places to see how they walked in various types of shoes. sissy focused on toe placement, hand placement, hip movement and other aspects of the walk. she took some comfort when she realized that Women do have different walks. In one sense this offered sissy comfort that walks differ. Despite the differences in various walks, sissy realized the importance of taking the care to walk with the grace and precision that is expected of a sissy who wishes to advance her studies in the House of Sissy.

sissy respectfully wishes to share video of her walk as it has developed in recent weeks. While she is pleased with her progress, she is committed to continually work on improving the precision and grace in her step as she works toward introducing herself to the world!

Hugs and kisses to all of sissy’s sisters!

Deepest thank you, appreciation and curtsy to Madame Stewart and the Staff!

Respectfully submitted,



  1. kindra

    alexandra, what an inspiring report! So very thorough and well written. kindra also finds that mastery of the sissy walk is far more challenging than one might think – and h.er practice time on this assignment has given h.er a much deeper understanding of the skill it takes to walk in heels gracefully. not that you need any advice (your excellent video shows you are making outstanding progress), but one thing kindra has found is that some cute wedges are easier to navigate than stilletos, and allow more focus on the many aspects of proper technique you mention in this report. keep up the great work, darling!

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