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This sissy has been studying the 10 Rules of Anal Sex; although, this sissy must admit that s.he would much rather be “studying” these rules with a real man between he.r legs. Oh well, one must study before they can excel, this sissy is no different.

This sissy carefully reviewed the 10 rules in order to best understand he.r role and ways to maximize he.r sissy pleasure. S.he has been using he.r sissy boi-pussy for more than 20 years, but has only done so as a physical extension of he.r sissy needs. S.he had always fucked he.r boi-pussy with different dildos because that is what sissy boi-pussies are for. Now this sissy is trying to see the world differently and find ways to give he.rself pleasure beyond just training he.r boi-pussy to serve real men’s cocks.

Rule #1 – Anal sexist least practiced form of sex
Not for this sissy! This sissy only has anal sex! S.he has not had sex with he.r Superior S.O. (or anyone else) in more than 3 years. This sissy pleasures he.rself by wanking he.r sissy clitty (only on he.r special days), but s.he prefers to have a cock in he.r ass.

Rule #2 – Anal stimulation is not painful if done correctly
This sissy agrees completely, s.he can easily and pleasurably take her finger (or fingers) in he.r ass at any time. S.he can also take most small dildos without any preparation and can take he.r largest dildos when s.he prepares he.rself for it. Mindset is essential, and this sissy can prepare he.rself for thicker cocks than s.he will probably ever find on a real man.

Rule #3 – Anal sex can be enjoyed, even if you haven’t liked it in the past
Ummm…this sissy has always liked anal sex; s.he knew that it was what he.r sissy body needed, wanted…deserved. This sissy started with small toys and worked he.r way up. S.he has purchased toys that took work to get used to, or enjoy; but s.he always loved it!

Rule #4 – 2 Rings to pass before…heaven
This sissy had not explored he.r sissy boi-pussy as carefully and slowly as s.he has recently. Since s.he has been in the house and studying he.r training assignments, s.he has had a new outlook on he.r sissy life, including he.r sissy pleasure. Sissy has recently more carefully felt he.r rings as she pushes he.r rubber lover past them or in the shower when s.he slides a finger inside he.rself. This sissy hopes to continue this path in order to expand he.r anal pleasure.

Rule #5 – Anal stimulation feels great in a lot of different ways
This sissy loves having a dildo in he.r ass. S.he loves having a little vibrating plug inside he.r, s.he loves sliding a finger into he.r needy boi-pussy. This sissy is searching for the right toy to stimulate he.r boi pussy enough to make he.r cum. S.he can’t wait to have a real man inside he.r, she is sure s.he will love that too! This dreams of the pleasure of having a real man cum inside he.r!

Rule #6 – Anal stimulation can make me cum
This sissy would love to able to cum from toying he.r boi-pussy, but it has not happened yet. Fortunately this sissy still enjoys the practice!

Rule #7 – Diet can affect anal sex
This sissy has never adjusted he.r diet in order to improve he.r enjoyment of anal stimulation. It is something that s.he will try. Up to this point, this sissy has always practiced clean sex, by taking an anal douche before sticking any toys inside he.r boi-pussy. This sissy will read more about how to use diet to make anal sex easier. This sissy likes the idea of more easily sliding a toy inside he.rself without the preparation of a douche, but s.he knows that s.he will want a clean experience.

Rule #8 – Different rules apply for pussies and sissy asses
This sissy has always been careful lube he.r sissy boi-pussy. S.he has always chosen he.r lube carefully to ensure that s.he does hurt he.r body. S.he has also gone slowly when s.he plays with a new toy.

Rule #9 – Anal sex is not always about dominance
This sissy is still learning this rule, s.he has always looked at he.r boi-pussy as something to use, dominate and abuse. Now, this sissy is beginning to explore the possibilities of using he.r boi-pussy for pleasure.

Rule #10 – Anal sex can be perfectly safe, fun and beneficial
This sissy is most scared of letting he.r sissy desires ruin he.r life. S.he will always be cautious, especially if s.he can find real men to be with. Sissy is careful with he.r body and will continue to be.

This sissy thanks he.r Mistresses and Superiors for all of the wisdom in this training assignment. This sissy understands that like he.r sissy nature, the path to anal pleasure will take time and effort. S.he humbly commits he.rself to both.

Hugs and kisses – sissy kate


  1. sister, you wrote a lovely eport. it was a nice touch to list the pertinent rule and then a discussion under it. that made it so much more effective, in this sissy slave’s thoughts. wonderful job for all sissy’s

  2. A good sissygasm is so hard to obtain at first. It has also been many years since this sissy had her last one. [giggle] it involves so much earnest rutting for this gurl that its a trancendant exhaustion that came over her. Just a yummy feeling of being thoroughly fucked satisfied :”>

  3. These 10 things will become second nature to you as you explore, and keep you safe and happy! Being a good bottom is an art honey – and when you can work your sissygasm, nothing will ever compare again!

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