Authentic. Real. The feminization articles you’ve been looking for.

Raised in the Real World through transition by Matriarchs in their community, the House features two Staff Members that are post-operative transsexuals.

Because of this rich background in everything from electrolysis to psychology, the House has an intense and extensive understanding of feminization,  training and ultimately, submission. The following articles contain information every sissy should know.

DSM - Labeling of a Community

DSM – Labeling of a Community

The diagnostic categories of Transvestic Fetishism and Gender Identity Disorder in the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) are examined from a historical and social perspective.
Voice Training for the Transsexual

Voice Training for the Transsexual

A sissy whose manner of speaking has been set for some time and who wishes to speak in a different way needs to develop greater flexibility of the vocal organs and the lungs.
my son, my daughter

my son, my daughter

The first time I saw my forty-one-year-old daughter, Geraldine, she was being wheeled into a hospital room after major surgery. She was hooked up to intravenous tubes and was barely conscious.
deaths and morbidity in transsexual patients

deaths and morbidity in transsexual patients

Hormones are associated with side effects. The number of deaths in 425 transsexual patients treated with cross-gender hormones were evaluated and compared with the expected number in a similar reference group of the population.
physical & hormonal evaluation of transsexuals

physical & hormonal evaluation of transsexuals

The optimal hormonal therapy for transsexual patients is not known. The physical and hormonal characteristics of 38 noncastrate male-to-female transsexuals and 14 noncastrate female-to-male transsexuals have been measured before and/or during therapy with various forms and dosages of hormonal therapy.
Hormones: When Reality Takes a Break.

Hormones: When Reality Takes a Break.

For those who choose to experiment with hormones in a non-controlled environment, the situation is extremely dangerous. Supervision is the key here.
sissy sexuality

effects of estrogen on sexual behavior

The effects of oral estrogen treatment on sexual physiology and behavior were examined in 7 presurgical male-to-female transsexuals engaged in cross-living.
the phenomenon of guilt

the phenomenon of guilt

For many transvestites and transsexuals one of the more challenging obstacles on the road to self-acceptance and healthy self expression is the emotion of guilt.
20 things not to say to a transsexual

20 things not to say to a transsexual

No question is dumb, especially yours, and particularly those you feel must be ushered in with a disclaimer. It is wonderful when someone cares enough to ask questions, and to add to their information. However, I do confess to problems

The Truth About Transsexuals

This article will present the facts and the fiction surrounding transsexualism, and attempt to give you a better understanding of what it's all about.



  1. caren holtrop

    I am back at the House, after a period of chaos and confusion that is now history and after reading the comments stories like above I realize why.
    Yes Alissa, I have the same emotion. I see Woman playing a much more dominant role is society. It is not without pride that I follow certain women taking up their role in political and industrial leadership and (important) not by playing a similar role, adopting the typical male way of doing thigs. I sometimes watch with pride and joy women their appearnace of elegance and esthetics with the intelectual baggage that makes the difference.
    I had the undescribable fortune to find myself, after the death of my father, attended by a mother that had the brilliance to decide that her son would be better of to be challenged intelectually as well as to learn to appreciate the essence of esthetics and beauty. Between the age of 8 and (almost) 13, Mother did not spare me in learning to appreciate that beauty. At first it meant that I had to resist the way “other people” regarded me as the boy that was raised as “something that had more of a girl than a boy”, or as some said, a faggot. I may have had my moments that I was confused, embarrassed, excluded for groups or activities, but slowly I learned to share the values that Maman had, the truth in the fact that some things were beautful because they were beautiful, not because they were feminine. I learned to ignore the comments that my hairdo was of a girl, that those panty’s were for girls and that boys were not supposed to appreciate beauty. My profile explains where that has led me, how happy the life is that I am leading but it does not explain how proud it makes me to be “part of” (if that is not too presumptious) that part of humanity, society. I am not afraid to admit that I have great admiration for todays women in society that contribute, that lead end set the examples that are to be followed. Maybe it is different, my sentiment to be “part of” but then so be it.
    Every morning when I get dressed, put on my Bra and stockings, every time to I put on my mascara and lipstick, get on my way in my sling-backs I feel part of a part of society that makes me proud and gives me joy. Sometimes I thing more than other women. Becoming part of that identity took my a lot of learning, struggle and effort but I am there….and proud.

  2. alyssa

    Hi g’irls and Superior Women..just thought i would comment….. it seems more and more society is moving and shifting to a more Female centric perspective. empowerment of genetic Females is happening in so many areas. business , politics, educational institutions and entertainment. and the de-emphasis of males and the decrease of their importance in society. statistics show that many males over 45 years of age have lost their job and are out of work with their former positions taken by younger and more competent Females. a shift to a more supportive domestic role for so many is in process. Institutions of higher learning now have almost twice as many Superior Women then males pursuing degrees.
    besides just slipping into our favorite pair of panties i think it helps this sissy g.irl and all of sisters here to accept our supportive roles in our relationships whether it is done stealthly or in a more open manner.
    articles like the ones in this section are so positive and informative in improving our developing girlish ways and habits.
    i think of the wonderful impact of caitlyn once the epitomy of male virility now a beautiful flower of femininity while her former spouse has gone on to become a wildly successful business entrepreneur. what a fine example of Girl Power. the Women in the board rooms and so many of us now wondering what outfits we should wear, do our nails look nice that day and will we have enough time to finish our housework before our Spouse or Superior Woman arrives home. every Superior Woman i have lived with the past 10 years has shifted more and more of the domestic chores to me. i’ve come to enjoy doing the housework and now do it automatically. it feels nice cutting and arranging some fresh flowers and putting them out for my Girlfriend to see.
    the future is Female: in some ways this sissy g.irl knows that developing femininity with the help of the Superior Women here will add to it.

    1. laurianna payot

      dearest sissy-sister alyssa, sissy laurianna feels so very much with sissy-sister alyssa that the future is Female and is so very hopeful that a naturally Female-Dominated World will become more and more widely and rapidly the beautiful natural reality in which sweet and docile sissies will develop their natural cherished femininity to please and serve Superior Women. sissy laurianna’s heart was warmed and filled with joyful hope in reading your encouraging comments. s(he) is thrilled with her own constantly perfecting femininity and with her submissive role in a Female-Ruled World in which feminized sissies will find their greatest joy in their proper place as pleasing and obedient sissy-wives and servants in the service of Superior Women. with sisterly hugs and little kisses, sissy laurianna O O x x

  3. silky sissy suckface

    Dear Mistresses & Members of The House!

    – I have something I’ld like to share with you:
    As you probably know, most men are facing problems with urination when getting older. This is due to the fact that the prostate gland is growing the entire life of males. After ages of growth, the prostate is narrowing the passage in the urine-tube; making urination difficult.
    – As for me, the problems started in my thirthies, but that’s very rare! Normally problems occur in a male’s sixties.
    Appr. five years ago, I was prescribed, by a specialst, a medicine named ”DuoDart” (in the UK ”ComboDart”). This medicine is intended to make the prostate shrink, and the muscles inside relax. These effects are making urination more easy.
    – However; it’s not only the prostate that’s shrinking: My shaft is from now on called my clit, and the testicles are shrinking as well. The right one reminds me of some kind of a small lump of soft tissue, and the left one seems to be of normal stuff, but quite small.
    And my libido: Well, I think I’ld better call it ”absent”.
    – An alternative to this medicine, is a surgery called TURP – meaning removal of the prostate through the urethra. I thought it was more convenient with a pill, so I decided this, relying on the doctor.
    A concequence of this situation is that’s impossible to have normal sex (intercourse) since many years. Because the ”clit” doesn’t want to cooperate. So, I’ve been looking around for other issues, and was very happy when I found this site. This is a subject making me so excited!
    However; I’m not sure how long I’m going to stay as an ”Inside Girl”, but so far I’m really enjoying it.

    – Take care!

  4. belle starr

    I’m noticing a worrying trend here. Girls, hormones are a serious thing. Getting them from anywhere but a doctor can be potentially dangerous for your health. Hormone pills and creams you obtain from the Internet, foreign countries, mail order houses, and vendors who can “get it for you”, can be impure or even contaminated. DO NOT take hormones unless directed by a medical doctor who prescribes it and monitors it regularly. You, your friends, your internet “buddies,” online doctors/pharmacies, or other websites *do not* have the authority to prescribe HRT.

    Most claims about creams that you rub on your breasts and balls are patently false. Those creams do not reduce the production of Testosterone.

    DO NOT believe everything you read about hormones on the Internet, including chat rooms, bulletin boards, and blogs. DO NOT obtain hormones from anywhere but your local pharmacy under the direction of a licensed medical professional.

  5. Suzy

    It is so depressing to be male. That’s what erasers on pencils are for. It so wonderful to be female! I don’t ever want to be mistaken for a man again. I’m a girl!

  6. Daniela

    I would be totally feminized, transformed into a woman with the use of hormones and surgery, for me it is my dream and I would like someone to help me make it happen. Kisses, Daniela

  7. Olive oil

    Tell me in detail what you are doing and what you have been rubbing on your body .you got my interest up.have you ever taken any estrogens by pill please talk to me I am in hiding to .Thanks for listenng too me.hope I didn’t scare you you are the first one that I will have talked to please reply waiting

  8. Amylyen

    I am also a secret Transexual I am in a hormone program i rub hormones into my breasts and balls my breasts are growing larger my balls are getting smaller.

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