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House MattersDo you have questions honey? Trying to contact your Staff? Look here to find out answers to those pesky computer questions so you can get on with your studies.


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Having problems contacting the Staff?
Your login doesn’t work?
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What does Ms. Stewart use to administer & design the House of



Having problems contacting the Staff?


We are very pleased to see many of you are picking up your shiny new Packard Bells just to surf the House, but for the Staff at The House of, the typical problems with firstimers and newbies can be very frustrating until our princesses learn how to run their computers.

Think about these simple guidelines.

First, are you using AOL? If so click here.
Second, do you really know your email address? If you send Us mail, without giving Us the correct information, it is impossible to ever contact you again. No matter how many times you write Us!
Third, let’s discuss a very important setting in your mail configuration. It is called the “reply to address” field. Your address belongs in this field! Without it, We have no idea who had sent it to Us! Always write to us with the reply field you want your message returned to! 
Fourth, don’t panic. The worst case scenario is that we will cancel your access, and refund your tuition. You can write in the most disrespectful, capital ridden way you can muster, and all it will do is annoy The Staff. It will not make your inability to configure your email program repair itself.
Fifth, help Us. Always include at least your transaction number, subscription number, username, PIN, date joined, or something that you can remember when contacting Us. Be a helpful sissy.

Your login doesn’t work?


Follow these troubleshooting guidelines first, for when you cannot remember your password… The Staff must re-key your account information.

First, are you using AOL? If so click here.
Second, is it spelled correctly?
Third, is the cAsE correct? Yes… our login system is case sensitive.
Fourth, if the Electriks ask for your login multiple times, are you obliging the request?
Fifth, stay calm, & don’t panic.
Sixth, help Us help you. Submit the Login Trouble Relief Form, for fast friendly relief. Be a helpful sissy.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the House recommended browser?
FireFox! Why ?
“Beware of spyware. If you can, use the Firefox browser.” – USA Today “Better than Internet Explorer by leaps and bounds.” – FORBES It’s safe, robust and free.
Internet Explorer has become a scourge on the internet, as every virus is written for it’s poor security. Microsofts emailer’s are just as bad, if not worse. Chrome is data mining every single thing you go to and being sold to their advertisers. We highly recommend that all Our girls remove their Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, and use alternatives, such as
How many people a day stop by the House?
Somewhere around 150,000 unique sissies per month.
Does my House tuition include “one-on-one” training with a Mistress?
Our girls that make a minimum of a 1 year commitment can receive an Individualized Training Plan and follow up discussion with a Member of the Staff. Look at your tuition options for more information
Why don’t you use click cash banners instead of having a tuition required for the site?
Adult advertising is obnoxious. We found early on that sites cannot support themselves properly using click-cash. That’s why you see sites go up and down.We also know that people don’t appreciate unless they are required to give up something close to them. We plan on the House lasting for a long long time, and grow with the Net and Our community. Your tuition allows this to happen, with needed servers and the proper time to be spent. Your donation is always appreciated


How do I cancel my subscription?
As easy as going to the Cancellation Request Form,  or sending your Staff an email.

Technical jargon & vague acronyms.


Isn't she powerful!The House of is proud to report that we just upgraded the Electriks once again!

We now serve the House from a superfast 32 processor server. We host Our server in Santa Rosa, California.  It has  96 gigabytes of ram, and gigs upon gigs of  solid state RAID arrays  to store all your girlishness. The operating system for both is . is responsible for serving you your information, and is responsible for keeping track of everything. The House is tied to the internet with a 155 Mbps connection on a redundant multiple OC12 backbone via fast ethernet. The House currently transfers over 600 gigabytes per month.

What does Ms. Stewart use to design & administer the House?


After too many dissapointing years of computer hegemony with MicroSoft products, Ms. Stewart eventually switched to on her desktop. She loves , and believes in . With the release of , which is based on a FreeBSD linux kernel, She promptly switched to Macintosh! She is currently using a . Her connection to the House Server is by speedy 50mb ADSL and 128bit encrypted virtual private network. When out and about, She uses a iPhone 11 max and an iPad Pro  to stay connected.

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This sissy is finding this site to be more and more exciting, stimulating, enlightening and educational with each visit. This sissy is just discovering the value in contacting other members and discussing concerns and insights. This site is doing more… Read more “barbie”

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5 days ago

Hello it’s my first day here and I’m hoping to become the sexy and slutty sissy I was born to be

2 months ago

I complained to so about the heat in diapers and plastic panties.She said she would give me a choice of them or short skirt ,short enough to show off my panties.I at least can hid the diapers. don’t know what to do Only have short time to decide

princess sissy
7 months ago

princess sissy was humiliated last night. Wife saw sissy was trying out various nail colors on her fingernails. sissy also was wearing her nose ring. She immediately had sissy grab her winter coat and go to the car and start it for Her. She had sissy drive to a small local grocery and go in and buy a short list of items She told her. princess sissy was in the store with the nose ring on and finger nails painted a variety of colors. there were customers that looked at sissy as though she was some strange apparition. sissy felt… Read more »

princess jimmie
Reply to  princess sissy
1 month ago

sissy is so sorry that princess got spanked. this sissy gets whipped every weekend.

2 years ago

Dear Ms Stewart, Even though I left the site when I got married I can’t stop thinking of the influence and guidance received from you and Mistress Leah when I was a paid up member. My wife is ore than happy for me to crossdress and she encourages me to be feminine. I want to thank you for being the best mentor I ever had. The query I have that keeps coming up is; Do you and Mistress Leah have connections with competent surgeons for removal of penis and formation of vagina? Deep inside myself I know that this is… Read more »

princess jimmie
3 years ago

Ma’am, the minute sissy awakes she visits the House. sissy used to read the newspaper in the mornings, now sissy reads articles in Thank You so much for this wonderful Home.

sissy jimmie

3 years ago

Hello Superior Mistress’s (curtsy) , i have a question about points: what are they used for, i can’t find any information on them?

4 years ago

Greetings House Superiors, (curtsy) this sissyslut wants to tell House Superiors that s heis plugged and pantied as s he writes 🙂 this sissy wishes to ask for Your help please. this sissy uses h er smart phone whenever s he comes into House. (this slut’s Wife has always checked the home computer history and activity) Your sissy has been dropped from House many times, also seems like hitting the post icon erases most of this slut’s comments, and tammy’s wall does not seem to work correctly. also tammy admits tha s he makes many, many mistakes online and with… Read more »

tiffy doll
4 years ago

Curtsy to House Superiors,

Tiffy was locked out of the house for over a month and finally, with Your help, able to get back in again. Thank You sooooooo much. This sissy has missed everyone very much, and is happy to be Home again. Thank You again. Hugs and kisses to all.


tiffy doll

4 years ago

Curtsey Superior Mistress’s , and the House of
Sissy wendy would like to wish all the Mistress’s and fellow sissies a happy holiday season and hopes that everyone gets what they wished for on Christmas and in the coming new year.

Hugs and kisses

4 years ago

I love this site and the fe. mail messages I have been reading. I did get to lick my girls little pee hole tonight although she knows I am trans, she does not know I am sissy.