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Caught with Aunties Panties!

Caught with Aunties panties!

My experience of being caught with Aunt Rachel’s panties happened when I was 16, shortly after my folks had told me that I was adopted. One Saturday my Mom asked me to drop a cake pan off at Aunt Rachel’s. I jumped at the chance since it was always a pleasure to see Aunt Rachel, the object of my wildest fantasies. She was about 35 years old, 5′ 11″ tall, 145 lbs., and a high school librarian. She was a beautiful redhead with a voluptuous body. She lived across town about an hour away.

When I got to her house I found that no one was home. The wheels in my panty-crazed mind began to turn. I found the spare key she kept hidden on the front porch, nervously unlocked the door and went in. I dropped the cake pan hurriedly on the kitchen counter and made a beeline for Aunt Rachel’s bedroom. This would be my first chance to explore her lingerie drawer and I was weak in the knees from the excitement and anticipation of it. I walked to her dresser and tried the top right drawer. BINGO! I had found my treasure on the first try!

I stood and gazed at the most luscious collection of frills and lace I had ever seen. Bras, slips and panties of every style and color were neatly folded in small piles with several pairs of pantyhose rolled up and placed to one side. I thumbed through the piles of panties, recognizing many pairs I had encountered in the hamper at one time or another. Not wanting to waste this golden opportunity I quickly selected two pairs, a red string bikini panty with black eyelet edging and a beautiful pink bikini with the pretty white lace and pink satin appliqués and stuffed them down the front of my pants. I quietly closed the drawer, but as I turned to leave, Aunt Rachel turned the corner from the hallway and walked into the room.

“Just what are you doing in here!” she exclaimed with a furious look on her face. I just stood and stammered, trying to think of an excuse for being in her room. She stood and stared at me obviously waiting for an answer. “Uh, umm…I thought I heard something down here and came to see what it was”, I nervously answered. “I doubt it!” she replied forcefully, “What are you hiding down the front of your pants!” I looked down and could see the obvious bulge that the two pairs of panties were making in my pants. “Nothing Aunt Rachel, really”, I lied. “You are not leaving this room until you show me what you have in there!” said Aunt Rachel sternly as she stood with her arms folded across her chest. I knew she meant business and that I had no choice but to show her what I had taken. I slowly reached down and unbuttoned the top of my jeans, reached in and pulled out the two pairs of panties. I held them out to her; my head pointed to the floor in utter shame and embarrassment. “Well”, she said as she grabbed them out of my hand ” this explains why so many of my panties have been disappearing lately, doesn’t it?” I couldn’t answer her. “What exactly have you been doing with my panties?” she asked. Again, I just couldn’t bear to answer her. I just stood silently in shame and fear of what she was going to do. “Well, they are for wearing so I guess that must be what you use them for. I think we should see how they fit, don’t you?”

“Please, Aunt Rachel, no”, I pleaded. But she cut me off and with a cold stare stated “You will try these panties on right now in front of me or I will be on the phone telling your parents all about this, your choice!” That would have been a fate worse than death so I resigned myself and slowly began to undress. I stripped down to my shorts and looked up at my Aunt. She handed me the pink panties I had stolen from her drawer and said simply “Keep going”. I quickly peeled off my shorts and stepped into the silky nylon panties bending at the waist to try to hide my shriveled little cock from her. “Stand up straight so I can see you” she ordered. When I did she looked me up and down and slowly walked around me taking in the spectacle from every angle. By the time she faced me again I was blushing as red as the other pair of panties I had taken.

“Very pretty” she said, embarrassing me even further, “but something is missing.” With that she went to the top right drawer I had so recently violated and pulled out a pink bra that matched the panties I was wearing. It was a set and the bra was just as beautiful, with satin and lace and delicate embroidery all over the cups.

“Hold out your arms”, she said. “No, please” I said in a trembling voice, close to tears. “OUT” she said forcefully. I helplessly held out my arms as she slipped the straps over my shoulders and snapped the bra in the back. With that she went to her closet and pulled out a sheer pink peignoir and tossed it to me. “Put it on” she said. I silently complied and just stood there waiting to see what would come next. “Don’t you feel, silly and embarrassed now. You look like a little sissy girl.”

“I’m sorry Aunt Rachel”; I said “but please don’t tell Mom and Dad.” She took me by the shoulders and sat me on her bed and told me; “You sit here like that and think about what you’ve done for awhile. I am going to try and cool off and then we’ll decide what we are going to do about this.” With that she turned and began to walk out. Just as she got to the doorway, she stopped and turned around. “One more thing” she said. She reached down, grabbed the hem of the ankle length skirt she was wearing and hiked it up to her thighs. She reached up under her skirt and skinned off the panties she was wearing as I watched with wide-eyed disbelief. She took this pair, black nylon panties with a pretty pink satin bow at the waist, stepped over to me and pulled them down over my face. “Now, you can think about what a pervert you are while I’m gone” she said as she walked out of the room.

I truly couldn’t believe what had just happened to me! There I sat, totally sissified by my gorgeous aunt, with the pussy panel of her very own panties right over my face and nose. And what a pussy panel it was! The crotch of her panties was absolutely soaked! As frightened as I was I couldn’t help but to cautiously poke my tongue out and lap at the salty sweetness of her juices. She may have been mad, but something about this situation sure did excite Aunt Rachel! If it weren’t for the load of trouble I felt I was about to get into with my parents, this would have been a dream come true for me. A dream beyond my wildest imagination.

I sat there inhaling the scent I had become so familiar with over the past few years. This time, though, the scent was fresh and even more delicious than when I had worshipped panties stolen from Aunt Rachel’s hamper. Occasionally I would suck the crotch of the panties into my mouth to keep the taste fresh on my lips. In spite of myself I had gradually developed a raging hard-on that was bulging against the leg band of my pretty pink panties. I had begun to seep some pre-cum and could see a nice big wet spot showing through the silky nylon. I couldn’t help myself, even though I knew I would be in even bigger trouble when Aunt Rachel came back and found me like this.

After about a half-hour she came back into the room. She came over to the bed and stood over me, obviously enjoying my predicament. ” I have decided what should be done with you!” she said. I sat there looking up at her stern face and shivered with dread, she would tell my parents everything and I would be done for. “Since you like to wear my panties you will come over here every Saturday until I decide otherwise and do just that!” she said.I was shocked, but a little relieved; she would keep this between just us.

“You will arrive here at exactly 8 a.m. and dress in what I have laid out for you. You will be doing all my housework for me, all the vacuuming and dusting. As well as the mending, ironing, dishwashing and you will appreciate this; all the laundry as well. Since you want to be a sissy we will do this right!” “And to insure your complete cooperation”…. FLASH…FLASH! She had produced a Polaroid One-Step and was taking photos of me wearing her bra, panties, peignoir and her soaked panties on my head.

“Just a little insurance policy” she said. “I will keep these in my safety deposit box for safe-keeping” “You will call your mother and tell her that you have agreed to come over every Saturday to do chores, for which you will be paid, starting today.” I could not believe this; I was at once frightened and excited. This was beyond my wildest panty-sniffing fantasies, but she had the pictures and would not hesitate to show them to my parents so I had no choice really. She bent over, giving me a glimpse of her generous cleavage through the leg holes of her panties, and removed them from my head. “My these are soaked! What have you been doing in here!” she demanded. “And look at the ones you have on!” Referring of course to the large stain that my raging hard-on had caused. “Your first chore will be to do the hand washing of my bras and panties. Now, to the telephone!”

After I had hung-up she came into the room and said, “Well?” “My mother said that it would be fine. In fact she said that it would teach me some responsibility as well as give me gas money!”

“I couldn’t agree more,” she said. “Now we will begin your sissy training, follow me!” she commanded. She led me to the bathroom and had me sort through the hamper to find her undergarments. After sorting and removing most of them she said, “I want you to make sure to get them all!” and pushed my head deep down into the tall hamper and held it there. It was the type of hamper with a lid, and a week’s worth of her laundry had left it very musky indeed. “Breathe deep you sissy panty-sniffer, I want to hear you breathe deeply through your nose!” she demanded.

I did as instructed partially in fear of those pictures but also because I loved it. This was a dream come true! To have Aunt Rachel forcing me to breathe in her odors while wearing her undies was putting me over the edge. As I bent over the hamper my cock rubbed up against the front of it and I exploded in the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I stood there, my head in the hamper and my ass jerking with the throes of my excitement. Aunt Rachel went nuts! “Look what you have done!” she yelled. She pulled my head out of the hamper and turned me around swiftly. My face was beet-red from my embarrassment. “You will learn to control yourself in my presence! That will be the first of the many lessons you will receive!” ” Now I must go to the bedroom and get you a clean pair of panties. You will stand still till I return!”

She returned with a pair of pink panties a little plainer than the pair I had originally taken from her drawer. She filled the sink with water and Woolite and instructed me on how to properly wash her delicates. She then handed me the new panties telling me to change into them. ” I am going to lay down for a while and I want to hear you sniff deeply at every pair before you wash them out!” “Now get to work!”

I was in heaven! I sniffed for all I was worth hoping to please her. When I was done with the wash I sheepishly went to the bedroom and told Aunt Rachel that I had finished. She said, “I will determine that!” and went to inspect my work. ” You did an adequate job”, she said. ” I can see the potential in you.” “You may get dressed but you must leave your panties on and return them to me clean next Saturday.” With that I was dismissed and all the way home I considered the situation I had gotten myself into.

The next Saturday I arrived at Aunt Rachel’s promptly at 8 not knowing what to expect. I rang the bell and waited. She appeared at the door and let me in. She had on a black ankle-length skirt with a long side slit and a lacy white high collared blouse. She was also wearing black patent lace up boots. Her hair was pulled back into a bun at the back of her head and she wore her oversized tortoise rimmed glasses. “I am glad to see that you are on time”, she said. She told me to follow her and led me to her bedroom. She turned and demanded, “Did you bring what you were told to?” “Yes”, I stammered, and handed her the pink panties she had me wear the previous week. ” “Good!” she exclaimed, inspecting their cleanliness. “Now we can begin with your training”, she said. On her bed lay my wardrobe for the day. ” First we shall get you dressed properly, so strip down so I can show you how to dress.” “Now!”

Hesitantly I removed my clothes, embarrassed and excited to stand before her naked. ” Here, you can start with these”, she said, handing me a pair of ruffled white panties. “But first attach this onto yourself”, giving me what looked like a small dog collar. She instructed me to wrap the collar around my cock and balls and buckle it on. She came over and took a small luggage padlock and locked the collar on. I pulled the panties up over my semi-erect cock, pushing my confined genitals up the crack of my ass. “Too much of a bulge still” she said, “take them down again.” She then took a thin rope and passed it through the cock collar’s loop near the base of my balls, pulling it up the crack of my ass, and doubled it around my waist, tying it in the back. Pulling my genitals back with it. “Pull your panties back up now” she said. “Much smoother”, she cooed.

Next I was handed a white garter belt and white seamed stockings with a floral print on them. “Hurry up!” she demanded as I fumbled with the small clasp at the back of the garter-belt. She showed me how to roll the stockings on and attach them. “And those seams had better be straight”, she told me. She then handed me a white half-cup bra to wear. I struggled to get it on and once I had, she walked up to me and grabbed each of my nipples and pulled as much of my “breast” through the cups as possible. Looking down I really had cleavage! Maybe a “B” cup. “My you are shaping up nicely,” she said, smiling.

Next I was given a white ruffled petticoat and a black maid’s uniform with a small white apron to put on. When I had she told me to sit down on the bed. She put a pair of black 3″ heels on my feet. They had ankle straps on them and through the straps Aunt Rachel put two luggage padlocks. From her cedar chest she got some cuffs and proceeded to strap two of them to my ankles. She locked a chain about 18″ long between them. “Girls take nice short steps not big strides and this will help to remind you”, she said. The other pair of cuffs went on my wrists, which she chained behind my back with an 8″ long chain. Finally she attached a larger studded dog collar around my neck and locked it on with another luggage padlock. “Stand up and turn around” she said. I rose unsteadily on the heels and mincingly turned for her. She clipped a leash to my neck collar and led me to the vanity. “Come, it’s time for the rest of your preparation” she stated and sat me down.

First she applied a liquid foundation to my face. “It’s a good thing you are fairly hairless” she said “but first things first.” With that dry, she put on blush over it. “I am using a nice red blush on you today” she told me. She applied two shades of eye shadow to me. A darker charcoal color on my eyelid and a lighter gray above it. “Now look straight ahead and hold still” she commanded. “Although you have extremely long lashes for a boy I will now put some mascara and liner on you, and I don’t want to poke your eye out.” She also filled in my eyebrows with the liner pencil. She put some bright red stay-on lip color on my lips and finally some red press-on nails. She then produced a long brown wig and using bobby pins attached it to my own brown hair pulling it into a ponytail with a black scrunchie. She also had me wear a maid’s lacey headpiece. Lastly she sprayed me with Giorgio, on my neck, wrists, behind my ears and down my cleavage.

Leading me over near the closet to the full-length mirror in the corner, I could not believe my eyes! There I was with my perfect make-up and actual cleavage at my uniform’s neckline! “Turn around and admire my work little lady” she said. Being careful on the heels I turned slowly and admired myself. When I had turned back around I found the closet doors open and I was staring into a video camera with it’s red record light blinking away at me! “Oh please NO, Aunt Rachel!” I begged. “OH YES!” she replied removing the cassette, “and if you behave, then someday I will give you this tape and any others I take of you, including last week’s photos. However if you prove recalcitrant not only will your parents see the photos but I will post this video on the Internet and charge people to see it!” “Now that you know your true position we must give you a new name to go with it.” I think I shall call you DeeDee after your first two initials.”

“Come with me DeeDee,” she said as she led me by the leash to the living room. She then unlocked my hands from behind my back and re-attached them in front. “The vacuum cleaner is in the hall closet. I am going to the mall and I want the whole house vacuumed by the time I return, is that clear?” “Yes Aunt Rachel” I responded. She unhooked the leash from my collar, laying it on the table. She headed for the garage door and looking back said, “No dawdling now, get to work!” and was gone.

I was almost finished with the vacuuming when I heard the garage door open and then close signaling her return. As I was putting the vacuum back in the hall closet, she came in and said, “All finished, DeeDee?” I answered that I was and was told to go to the garage and bring her packages in from the back of the car. There were 2 or 3 bags from Sears and Marshal Field’s and one from Victoria’s Secret! Dare I hope that she had bought something for me to wear? I asked her that and she just said, “Time will tell.” “But now it is lunchtime and you will make us some grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.” And clipping the leash back on she led me to the kitchen and tied it off to the oven door handle, while she got all the ingredients out for me. I cooked our lunch and she released me to sit with her and eat. After lunch I did the dishes leashed to the handle of the cupboard under the sink, while Aunt Rachel put away her purchases.

When I was through with the dishes she came in and led me to the couch where she sat down. She turned me around and fastened my hands behind me again. She told me to kneel on the floor facing her so I did so. She then pulled up her ankle-length skirt and removed her panties, which were a black satiny pair, giving me a glimpse of her red pubic hair. She again took the panties and placed them over my head, positioning them so that I could see through the leg holes and that the, very soaked, pussy panel was right in front of my nose. “Breathe deeply through your nose for me panty-sniffer DeeDee”, she commanded. I complied with her demand and breathed in deeply for her. “Very good DeeDee, now I want you to lick the crotch of my panties.” Again I could not resist as my restrained throbbing cock was reminding me. “Do you like my taste sissy DeeDee?” she asked looking deep into my eyes. “Oh YES, Aunt Rachel I do.” “Good” she responded “Then you will love what comes next.” And with that she removed her panties from my head, hiked her skirt up, and placing the leash up under her ass she began pulling my head towards her crotch!

She stopped just before my face got to her red bush and told me “Breathe in deeply again because this is the mother lode, the Holy Grail, the place you have dreamed of while sniffing at my stolen panties!” I breathed and breathed between whimpers of delight and anticipation. Then she suddenly pulled on the leash and buried my nose right between her luscious pussy lips! “Start by licking around my pussy” she demanded after releasing her hold on me a little so I could catch my breath. As I licked for all I was worth, she started to gyrate her hips into my face. “Now lick and suck on my clit” she told me. As her gyrations got more intense she screamed, “Put your tongue into me as deeply as it will go! Alternate between that and sucking on my clitty!” I did as I was told and before long she was in the throes of orgasm, grinding my face into her sex and making me wet from ear to ear. When she had recovered she said, “You received a B- but with lots of practice you will improve.” She then left me kneeling there while she went to the bedroom to clean up, or so I thought.

Soon I could hear her talking on the phone to someone and when she was finished she returned. “I have just spoken with your mother and I told her that I will need you tomorrow as well, that you will be cleaning out the basement and that it is a very big job.” “She suggested that rather than for you to drive home tonight and back again tomorrow that you stay the night here and I agreed.” “And now it’s back to work!” And with that she helped me to my feet and re-chained my hands in front of me. “Go and get the feather duster from the closet and dust the whole house while I read a few catalogs that I got while at the mall” she said. So while she sat on the couch and read, I dusted everything in sight. When I was almost done she called and ordered a pizza and when the doorbell rang she said, “Maybe I should make you answer it.” But I was allowed to wait in the kitchen while she paid the delivery boy.

After dinner she led me to the bedroom and had me kneel on the floor at the foot of her bed. She again removed the black panties, which after her orgasm had become drenched in her juices, and placed them on my head. She then reached up under my maid’s uniform skirt and untied the rope around my waist, which was restraining my cock. She said, “Now pull your panties down and show Auntie how you jerk off sniffing my stolen panties. Here is the pink pair you tried to steal. “Use them on your cock, now DeeDee!” My now freed cock was lubricating wildly with pre-cum as I wrapped my hand in the panties and around my swollen shaft and began to masturbate for her.

She meanwhile had hiked up her skirt and began to masturbate herself! Here I was breathing in her musky cum juice while her satiny panties ensconced my throbbing hard-on and watching Aunt Rachel making herself cum! “You are quite the sissy girl aren’t you DeeDee?” she asked. “Yes. Yes!” I answered between pumps on my aching cock. “Tell me how you want to be my pussy slave, in fact BEG me” she demanded. I begged to be her pussy slave to worship at it and to satisfy her every desire and to be taught how to better please her in the future. And with that I exploded, at the same time she did, into her pink panties while sniffing and sucking the black pair over my face. She twisted on the bed her legs splayed in orgasm and her fingers working furiously.

“Good thing tomorrow is wash day because you have quite a pile of dirty undies to wash out including those”; she said pointing to the pairs covering my head and now shrinking cock. After helping me to my feet she unbound my wrists and ankles to “change” for bed. After going to the bathroom to clean up, I returned to the bedroom to find her in the Victoria’s Secret bag she brought from the mall. From it she produced a red satin nightie with thin straps that came to below the knee. “You will wear this tonight” she said “You may remove your bra but leave the panties and the wig on.” I did as I was told and was soon dressed for bed. She came over and re-chained my wrists and ankles and had me kneel on the floor to reattach the leash to my collar. The other end of the leash she put under the leg of her bed. She laid a quilt and a pillow down on the floor at the foot of her bed and there I slept. “Goodnight my sissy DeeDee” she said. “Goodnight Aunt Rachel” I answered.

The next morning Aunt Rachel unchained me and I took a shower after which I was told to re-dress in my maid’s uniform with cuffs and collars locked on to prepare breakfast. She came into the bedroom where I was dressing and said, “Just here to supervise.” She then sat on the bed with the video camera and recorded my progress. When I had dressed, locked the collars on my cock and neck and put my make-up on to her satisfaction she led me to the kitchen. There she again tied my leash to the oven door and I was taught how to make omelets. After breakfast she went to the bedroom to use the phone while I cleaned the dishes.

She returned and pronounced my work adequate and then untying my leash from under the sink and locking my hands behind me, she led me to the garage. She had a small station wagon, an import. She opened the hatchback and sat me down on the bumper. She then dug in a small compartment and produced a penis gag, which she put on me. Pushing me into the back of the wagon and folding my legs in she said, “We are going for a little ride and I don’t want you being heard on the way!” She then took my leash off and used it to tie my wrists and ankles together in a hog-tie. “There, that should keep you secure on the way!” And with that she pulled the shade-like cover over me and closed and locked the hatch.

She started the car and pulled out of the garage. closing the door with the opener. We drove for about 20 minutes during which she delighted in saying things like “I am now going 55 in a 35 zone, what would the police think if they if the pulled us over and found you?” “They wouldn’t know what cell to put you in the men’s, or the women’s. Ha-Ha.” We slowed and pulled into another garage and I heard the door close. “Where could Aunt Rachel have taken me?” I thought as she opened the hatch and I realized that this was not her garage! She re-attached the leash to my collar and led me inside.

She led me into the living room where there stood a blond woman about the same age, but a little taller than Aunt Rachel. She had an equally beautiful figure. She was dressed in a black leather skirt and thigh-high black leather boots. She wore a gray satin blouse open at the neck enough to show the large studded collar that she wore. She looked me over and said, ” So this is the panty-sniffer DeeDee?” I stood there humiliated that Aunt Rachel had told anyone about my “crimes” much less force me to suffer their derision.

“Yes,” Aunt Rachel replied “I have brought ‘her’ as you requested.” “Very good” the blond said. The blond came over to me and grabbed me by the leash and pulling it tight said, ” My name is Jamie and I am the girl’s gym teacher at your Aunt’s school.” “Rachel and I have been lovers for 5 years now and when she told me about her panties disappearing she and I set the trap which caught YOU!” “Did you bring the tapes Rachel?” she asked.

“Yes.”, she said, handing them over to her lover. This explained a lot about Aunt Rachel’s being single and always dressing very femininely. “With these in my possession “, Jamie said waving the tapes in my face “you will do as you are told or you WILL be exposed for the sissy that you are!” “Now follow me!” she commanded pulling on my leash. She led me to the basement. I had a hard time negotiating the stairs with my ankles chained but I managed it without falling. I was led to a corner room in the basement with Aunt Rachel right behind. Once inside, the lights were turned on and I was stunned at the array of devices that were there. At the center of the room was a doctor’s exam table complete with stirrups. An X cross was bolted to one wall and a bondage horse stood in the corner. Along the walls hung whips, crops, and many other devices which I had no idea of their use.

“Attention! DeeDee” Jamie said. “You will pay mind when I speak to you for I will say things only ONCE, do you understand?” I nodded affirmation. “You will address us only as Mistress Jamie and Mistress Rachel from now on, do you understand? “Yes”, I shook my head. “Now I will remove your gag, Rachel tells me you have promise in the pussy servicing department”, she said. And with that I was led over to the exam table and forced to kneel on the short step in front of it. Mistress Jamie then clipped the collar on my neck to an eyebolt at the front of the table and got onto it. She hiked up her skirt, pulled off her black panties and slid her feet into the stirrups. She then slid her ass down until her fragrant blond pussy was inches from my face. Mistress Rachel came up behind me and grabbing my ears jammed my face into her lover’s waiting mound, grinding me deeply into it.

” ‘She’ certainly is a natural”, Jamie said to Rachel as I was forced to suck and lick at her wetness. After what seemed like an eternity she came in a great flood of pussy juice, so that my face glistened with it. “Your turn”, Jamie said, and was promptly replaced by Rachel whom I serviced as well, much to the same result. “I think however that it is time to show ‘her’ what being a sissy girl is all about!” said Mistress Jamie. And with that Mistress Rachel led me over to the bondage horse. My legs were unchained and she secured each to the horse’s legs so to spread them wide apart. My wrists she secured similarly to the legs on the other side of the horse. She forced a pink ball gag into my mouth and buckled the straps behind my head forcing my mouth open wide. She then strapped a harness around my waist and placed a metal ring around my cock and balls. A strap went between the harness and the cock ring which pulled my cock and balls upwards. She waved a large dildo-like object in front of me and said, “This is a butt plug and it will prepare you for things to come!” With that she stuffed it up my ass, despite my muffled protests, and using the attached straps lodged it tightly into me.

Mistress Jamie stepped in front of me and stepped into, and cinched on, an 8″ dildo. She switched my ball gag for a metal ring gag saying, ” He should be used to the plug by now.” She grabbed my ears and before I could protest jammed it into my open mouth. She stroked the cock in and out of my spread lips telling me, “Make sure to use your tongue well! You will want to make it nice and wet before I FUCK you with it!” My eyes widened in disbelief! “It will be the only lubrication that you will get!” she told me. With that she pulled the cock from my mouth and stepped behind me! Mistress Rachel took her white panties and placed them on my head. She went to my stretched ass and removed the butt plug. Then moving to my head she reached over my back and spread my ass cheeks wide for my deflowering, my pantied head clamped between her strong thighs.

Mistress Jamie put the head of her strap-on against the tight ring of my ass and pushed. It popped in agonizingly and she began to push it slowly in to the hilt. That accomplished she began to thrust it in and out of my virgin ass the fake balls slapping into my own. Mistress Rachel undid her blouse and, bending down shoved her nipple into my stretched mouth telling me to use my tongue on it. I tongued both her nipples, smelling her musky panties, while she rubbed herself to orgasm. She then got under the bondage horse and took my cock into her mouth. As Jamie fucked me, Rachel sucked and brought me to the brink. And as Jamie came, pounding the dildo into my ass, Rachel pulled the panties off my head and used them to jerk me off to orgasm.

The dildo was again pushed into my helpless mouth. “Lick it clean slave DeeDee”, Mistress Jamie demanded. When she was satisfied she returned the cummy panties to my head. Then she had Mistress Rachel get onto the exam table legs in the stirrups and proceeded to fuck her, while I watched through the leg holes of Rachel’s panties.

I was released from the horse and led back upstairs to the kitchen. There I was told to make a lunch of tuna fish salad for us. After lunch I was put in the back of Rachel’s car for the ride back. Again she taunted me about her driving or what might happen if we had car trouble and the spare was flat. Pulling into her garage and hearing the door close, I felt a great sense of relief. Aunt Rachel told me to get to work on the laundry.

When I had finished I was led into the living room were she told me, “DeeDee you did very well today and so I will reward you before you go.” She proceeded to remove her well-soaked panties and gave them to me. “I want you to use these to masturbate with this week and bring them back next week, with all of your cum stains on them, to wash them. “See you next Saturday”, she said as I left.

Before next Saturday arrived I was visited a terrible tragedy. While I was at school my parents were killed in a car wreck. Aunt Rachel, being my only living relative, was chosen as my guardian and after the services I packed all my stuff and moved in to her home. This was a bad time for me and Aunt Rachel was terrific through all of it. After some time my grief faded and things got back to an even keel. One day Aunt Rachel sat me on the couch and said, “Well do you think that I can have DeeDee back?” “I would like that very much”, I said. Getting up from the couch I said, “I’ll be right back,” and I went to my room and returned shortly with the cum-stained pair she had given me before the tragedy. “I am bringing you these back as you requested Mistress Rachel”, I said.

She had tears in her eyes as she accepted them from me. “Thank you DeeDee” she said, “I love you very much”. “I love you too,” I said and we hugged and cried together for a long time. She said “To celebrate we will go out to dinner”. “DeeDee, you will come with me” and she led me to her bedroom. She went over to her dresser drawer and handed me a pair of lacy white panties and said “You will wear these at dinner” then she went to the bathroom to clean up. We went out and had a wonderful time. During our meal she teased me by saying things like, “Maybe I should make you go to the women’s’ room, after all you are wearing women’s’ underwear”.

After dinner we came back home and watched TV and talked. She instructed me to put on the red satin nightie for bed saying, “You will leave your girlie undies on as well”. In the morning we arose and I made us breakfast while dressed in my nightie. After I had cleaned up after the meal, Mistress Rachel announced that we would go shopping today. “To buy DeeDee a new wardrobe”, she said delightfully!

She had me dress in a bra and panties under loose fitting clothes and we set off to the mall. We went to a number of stores including Victoria’s Secret and Marshall Field’s. Luckily we wear about the same size clothing so she was the one who tried things on. Although she threatened, “Maybe I should send you into the women’s dressing room to try this one on” or, “Should I tell the salesgirl whom these are really for?” We then returned home and I spent the afternoon modeling my new wardrobe for Mistress Rachel.

When I had finished posing she told me “Mistress Jamie is coming for dinner and you will dress in your maid’s uniform with all your cuffs and collars locked in place”. “When you are done you will present yourself to me for inspection”. I went to my room and did as I was told, then presented myself as required. She circled me, critically judging my make up and hair. After making a few adjustments I was pronounced worthy to serve and was led to the kitchen to prepare dinner. At 7 o’clock the doorbell rang and she said, “That will be Jamie, answer the door. I let Mistress Jamie in and she greeted Rachel. “I see DeeDee is looking very good today”, eyeing me over. “We will have cocktails and appetizers in the living room DeeDee” Rachel told me. I hobbled to the kitchen to get them while they went to converse on the couch.

I served them drinks and appetizers and was told that I could join them. “Go get yourself a soda and kneel before us” Jamie instructed. I kneeled and they fed me while they discussed me, my appearance and, my future. Jamie really liked me in my uniform. “Have you gaffed her?” Jamie asked. “See for yourself”, Rachel said. I was told to drop my panties to my knees. Jamie lifted my skirt and said, “It looks good, just like a real bush”. “Yes and she put it on herself didn’t you DeeDee”? “Yes Mistress I did it to please you, I hope it is satisfactory”. “Yes DeeDee you have done a pretty good job”. “You will now serve dinner at the dining room table”. While they sat and ate, I kneeled at the sideboard to serve them and ate when I wasn’t serving. When they had finished I was told to clear the table and bring their dessert. “Your dessert will be to service us while we eat”. With that I was pushed under the table and I ate each of their pussies as they finished their food.

The End

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  1. barbie

    great story, my sister use to put her panties and bras is our laundry basket and this sissy spent countless hours digging through it, only wish that this sissy would have been caught and treated like the guy in this story.

  2. lacey

    This sissy found the story tantalizing. It caused my clitty to quiver and imagination to run whild. As this sissy thought how nice it would be too be forced into submission. Thus changing my phsyci to even a dealer leavel of servitude. Thank You to the author

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