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Naughty Boys Wear Ladies Panties

Stories of Feminization Humiliation Naughty Boys Wear Ladies Panties

My heart sank as I walked into my office. I had left the door of my locker open. My worst fears were confirmed.

My case had gone, and with it the secret part of my life, my penchant for pornographic pictures and magazines.

In its place was a letter. It was from Lisa, one of the secretaries, a silly woman who I had crossed in the past.

She told me to come to her flat that night and I really had no option. My whole career was at stake.

That night, my heart was pounding when I knocked on the door. Lisa opened it. “Ah, come in, you dirty little boy. Come and meet my friend, Pam.” Pam was a giggling young girl of about eighteen physically and sexually precocious.

I walked into the living room. My books and pictures were scattered over the floor.
“Now, if you wish all this to remain a secret, you must do precisely what we tell you to do, 1s that understood?” “Yes, Miss,” I said meekly.

“Now, take all your clothes off, and stand on this chair with your hands on your head. Quickly now.” I blushed to the roots of my hair, but I had to do it. I undressed, conscious of the girls smirks as I did so. When I was naked, I climbed up on the chair, and put my hands on my head. I was totally exposed.

“He’s not very big, is he?” said Pam, closely examining my pathetic clitty. “No, I’m very disappointed. We will have to see if we can improve matters. You watch him closely while I read bits from his dirty magazines, and we’ll see if we can find out what turns him on.”

Lisa began to read extracts while Pam continued to stare at my genitals. Nothing happened
until “Slowly, ignoring his pleas for mercy, she slipped the silky women’s panties up his legs.”

“That’s it!” Pam cried, “He twitched. He’s turned on by women’s panties.”

“Well, well,” sneered Lisa, “Women’s panties. That’s really rich. What a big sissy. Fancy, the big boss-man likes to wear panties.”

“Please, Miss,” I begged, “it’s not true.”

“Well, we’ll have to find out, won’t we? Go into the bedroom, Pam, and get a pair of my panties.” “Ooh yes, this is going to be fun,” Pam chortled, and went into the bedroom. When she returned, my embarrassment was even greater. She was holding a pair of pink silky panties with frills round the legs.

Lisa took them, and held them up in front of me by the waist elastic. “Look, sissy-boy, lovely pink panties. Would you like me to put them on you?”

Pam shrieked with glee. “Yes, Lisa, dress him in your panties. Let’s see what he looks like in pink panties.” “Please Miss, anything but that. Please don’t make me wear your panties.”

“But pansies like pretty undies. You’ll… feel ever so girly in them. And you’ll look much prettier with your little cocky tucked away inside my panties. Think of the silky nylon rubbing against it.”

She began to swish the panties against my clitty, and in spite of my shame, I felt it begin to stiffen. “There, his little cocky is getting all excited at the thought of being dressed 1n pretty panties.”

“Please stop,” I begged.

“Oh no, we’re just starting,” said Lisa, and held the panties out to me. “Here, put my panties on.” “Can I take some photos, Lisa?” Pam asked, picking up a polaroid camera.
“What a splendid idea. Come on, take these panties.” Blushing bright red, I took the panties from her. With trembling fingers, I opened out the waistband. I lowered them to my feet, looking down into the panties which I was going to have to put on in front of the girls.

Pam started to take photos, to record for all the time my utter humiliation. She would have pictures of me stepping into Lisa’s panties, pulling the panties up my legs, and finally pictures of me standing on a chair, wearing pink panties in front of their owner.

But, I had no choice. In front of the giggling smirking girls, I stepped into the pink panties. I pulled them up. The silky nylon slithered up my legs, over my thighs. Then up

and around my buttocks, around my clitty. I adjusted the elastic round my waist.
It was done. I had put on Lisa’s pink panties. How awful I felt. My face was as pink as the panties, as I felt the girls eyes gloating over my discomfiture.

“Look at our big sissy in his girly panties. Doesn’t he look sweet?”

“Lisa, I’ve got a super idea. Let’s make him say things and record it on tape.”

“Pam, you’re a genius. Get some paper, and we’ll write down what we want him to say.”

Soon, the girls were scribbling away, giggling at the thought of what they would make me say. Lisa handed me the paper and Pam switched on the tape recorder. I looked at the words. This was terrible. I forced the words out.

“I am a big sissy. Sissies like wearing pretty panties, and I love wearing girls pink silky panties. Look at my lovely panties, girls. I must be the biggest sissy you have ever seen, a real pansy, a proper girly-boy. Please dress me in lots of girls’ things. Lots of frills, and nice frock, and then I can do a can-can for you.”

“Ooh yes, Lisa, make him do the can-can.” I was helpless. Lisa produced a frilly suspender-belt and a pair of black stockings. I stood there as each girl rolled a silky black stocking up my legs, and then Lisa pulled my panties down, fixed the garter-belt round my waist, and pulled the pink panties up again over the suspenders.

Then Pam put her hand up the leg of the panties, and after a good grope round during which she pulled and squeezed my clitty, she fished out the suspenders and fastened them to the stocking-tops.

A pair of high-heeled shoes came next. These thrust my knicker-clad pelvis forward, making the bulge in the front even more prominent.

Pam gleefully put a pink bra round my chest, stuffing the cups with panties to give me a bust. Then I had to put on a white nylon blouse, a full-skirted frilly petticoat, and 9 red satin skirt.

“Get the big mirror, Pam, so we can give him some lessons.”

Pam wheeled a full-length mirror in. I stood in front of it. What a sight. My face was as red as the satin skirt I was wearing.

“Now,” said Lisa, “I’m sure you’ve seen the can-can. Keep your legs straight, bend right down, grasp the bottom of your skirt and petticoat, and pull them right up”

I bent down. I seized the skirt and petticoat. Forward and up, right up, revealing my bulging pink panties.

“Super, now walk around, swishing your petticoat from side to side.”

I tottered around the room on my high heels. The girls shrieked with laughter.
“She’s very good, isn’t she,” said Lisa, “let’s see what she can do to music.”
The girls sat on either side of the mirror. I had to face them and watch myself in the mirror. Lisa put a record on.

It was the can-can.

I picked up my skirts and began to kick my legs up.

The petticoat framed my bulging panties. The suspenders pulled my stockings tight against my thighs. The silky nylon of my pink panties rustled against my clitty, which became more and more erect.

Then, with horror I realized that I was going to come. I couldn’t stop. Holding my skirts right up I began to gyrate my pelvis. My clitty jerked and slithered inside the clinging panties. Then I came. My clitty pumped and pumped inside the panties. My juices flooded into the panties, as if it were never going to stop. I stood there, my panties absolutely saturated.

“Oh dear, sissy-boy has wet his panties. Now what should we do with him?”

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