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Sandy’s breasts were heaving — she was pinching and tweaking her enlarged nipples as her head thrashed back and forth and her hips and ass squirmed on the silken bed coverings. “More — More — don’t stop — make me cum!”, she screamed. Her sweat-covered body was being driven into a frenzy by Becky, her sister-in-law whose tongue was dancing on her clit like a violinist dancing on his strings. “Don’t stop — PLEEEASSE — make me cum!”, she pleaded. Becky knew just how to touch and play with Sandy’s body, bringing it to the throes of orgasm time and time again. And then it happened — in a sudden shriek Sandy’s body tensed up as she was driven over the edge by an expert at oral love.

She laid there for some time as Becky softly caressed her lush, naked body. Her breasts were large, like Becky’s — and her feminine form was filled with every interesting curve that rightly belonged to young 20-something women. They were lovers now, lesbian lovers who shared another secret — the secret of what they had done with Sandy’s husband, Mike.

Sandy and Mike had been married for seven years. He had known all along that his wife had lesbian tendencies — and he even encouraged them, hoping to be drawn into a soft three-way sexual dance. It never happened — but it still turned Mike on to know that his wife was at times in the arms of an attractive female.

Becky was Mike’s sister — older than Mike by only two years. She was a dominant personality her whole life, and Mike always yielded to the sister that he loved. Becky knew this — and, with Sandy’s help, she used it against her younger brother.

Becky was a Gynecologist with a degree also in Psychology. At the present time her Practice was in Counseling, specializing in hypno-therapy. Unbeknownst to him, Mike had been one of her latest subjects over the past 8 months. With Sandy’s help, he had come along quite nicely.

This morning, Mike was asleep in his own bedroom. He had been sent there nine hours ago and was programmed to come downstairs at exactly 9:00 a.m. Becky had arrived at the house three hours earlier to “get things ready” and to have her morning fling with Sandy, her luscious sister-in-law.

“Do you think she’ll go over the edge when she sees what we’ve DONE to her?”, asked Sandy — a little worried today, since Becky had come over to take Mike out of his eight month trance.

“Don’t worry, luv!”, Becky replied. “she is so conditioned now, that she will be unable to do anything but what we tell her to do from now on.”

“But we’ve changed him so MUCH!”, Sandy countered.

Indeed they had! Eight months ago Mike was an attractive young husband with a healthy male appetite. Over the course of the 12 months Becky, through hypnosis and drug therapy, had changed him. It began slowly over dinner one night as Becky, using her feminine charms and a special amulet hypnotized Mike at the dinner table. While Sandy watched, unbelieving, she suggested that Mike wished he were a little more feminine.

“You’d feel much better — more yourself — if you were wearing some satin panties, now WOULDN’T you, mike”, she said to the mind-captured male. “In fact, panties are all you want to wear now. They are so soft — so sweet — so feminine. TELL me, mike — what do you want to do?”

“i want to put on my panties”, he said with a blank stare. And then he left the table, went upstairs to his wife’s dresser and put on a pair of her panties — red, satin ones. He came back to the table still in his shirt and tie and socks — but wearing the red panties.

“Wearing panties feels right to you, mike. From now on it will never occur to you to wear anything BUT female panties. Tomorrow, you will buy panties to replace all those ugly male shorts in your drawer.”

“Yes, Mistress”, mike responded. he went upstairs, cut up all his male underwear — and rejoined his wife and sister. After she brought him out of his trance he sat there talking with them in his red panties as though it were the most natural thing in the world. And THAT was only Day One!

Day by day — bit by bit they feminized him. The next day he was shaving — UNTIL they made it permanent. And immediately they began to introduce the right amount of female hormones and other sex-changing drugs to change his body to a more feminine form. he continued to work and act as though he were still Mike — but his dress and mannerisms showed anything BUT a normal, healthy male.

At work, people noticed that mike had changed. When they would say something, he’d laugh it off, wondering why everyone seemed to be picking on him. he continued working until three month ago when he was fired. his boss made up some excuse — ANYTHING to get rid of a fag who was changing himself into a girl.

Now, mike was anything BUT a man. his skin was soft and smooth as any young woman of 20 years of age. his face had been softened by therapy — his hair, a long, silky blonde mane. his eyebrows and permanent makeup showed the face of a cover-girl — his lips made full from treatment were soft, full and sensual.

his body was filled with every interesting curve of a young virgin. 36″ breasts heaved from his body. his waist had been trimmed down to a 25″ frame. his hips flared out to 35″ meeting his smooth, long and sensuous legs which seemed to go on and on.

In mike’s eyes, he was still Mike — a healthy male, husband of Sandy, brother to Becky. When he looked in the mirror he saw a male — but whenever anyone else saw him, they looked upon a sex goddess who was built for play.

“What will he DO when you bring him out of his trance?”, Sandy wondered with a little fear in her voice.

“SHE’LL do exactly what she’s TOLD to do”, Becky said with every confidence. “And now it’s time for our little sissy to make her debut!”


mike came down to the kitchen, dressed in a blue babydoll nightie that barely covered his matching panty. his feet were covered with big, fluffy, blue things that looked cute on little girls. his breasts were aroused by the crisp morning air. “Good morning dears”, he said as he gave his wife a kiss and came over to give his sister a peck on the cheek. “Lovely morning!”

Becky waited until mike sat down — and they she said: “today’s the day!” It was the post-hypnotic phrase that would take mike out of his 8 month trance. mike looked dazed for a second and then shrieked in horror as he looked down on his ultra-feminine form.

“What in the hell is THIS?”, he said as he feminine body for the first time. “What have you DONE to me?”

“At EASE, young lady”, said Becky taking immediate control of the situation. “you will SIT there and listen to every word I have to say — and WHILE you sit there, I want you to start playing with your nipples with your right hand while you caress your dick through your panties with your left.”

mike couldn’t stop himself. Still dumbfounded, he found his hand involuntarily moving to his breasts and cock. he began to softly caress his female parts as Becky began the explanation and his new commands.

“mike — or shall I say MICHELLE — you have been under my spell for a long time. your pretty WIFE and me have FEMINIZED you — and we have done a pretty good job of it, don’t you think?” michelle nodded as she began to feel aroused as her feminine hands toyed with her soft breasts and hard cock.

“As you can SEE, michelle, you are no longer a man. you’ve always fantasized about your wife and her lesbian lovers. Well, SHE fantasized about making YOU one of her lesbian lovers — and — well, WE DID! The changes that you see in yourself are REAL — AND they are permanent.” michelle was starting to squirm now as she gave in to her feminine form and her feminine touch.

“From now on you will ALWAYS be michelle — a ravishing shemale. But in your MIND you will always be Mike — the humiliated and defeated male. I want you to be embarrassed by everyone you see. I want you to feel as though every eye were undressing you and every person’s thought was given toward fucking you. you are our shemale SEX toy, michelle — and you will only be able to do what I say you can do. By the way — don’t cum yet — just HOLD yourself there.”

michelle was on the verge of cumming and he was totally humiliated at the scene in front of him. wearing female clothes in front of his wife and sister — playing with his tits and cock — feeling he silk and satin caress his body was all too much for him. he was crying now — even as he kept himself on the pinnacle of sexual release.

“michelle, i want you to slip your panties off and CUM inside your panty”, Becky said. michelle did. she came like never before, filling her panty with streams of hot, shemale cum. Then she noticed as her wife, Sandy, walked in front of her. Sandy was now dressed in leather bra and panties — with a huge black dildo attached to her waist. She wiped the head of the black cock into the pool of cum and held it to her husband’s face.

“SUCK it, michelle”, Becky demanded. “you WANT to suck that cock — you want to become a cocksucker for us, don’t you?” michelle opened her painted mouth to take in the huge black phallus while shaking her head in an involuntary “yes”. “Suck it, michelle”, Becky urged. “Even though somewhere inside you are disgusted by the thought of it, you cannot help yourself. you will feel panic and even PAIN — unless you suck a REAL cock at least once a day!”

“She’s making me a cocksucker!”, thought mike as he watched himself being played with as a puppet on a string. he sucked at the black cock shamefully and shamelessly. he couldn’t help himself. Even though he wanted desperately to be a man, he was anything BUT a man. They had turned him into a submissive, slut who would beg to suck cock every day for as long as it pleased them.

When Sandy was finished feeding michelle her cum, she commanded him to stand and pose in front of them. michelle twirled and posed as a sexy model would, feeling shame and guilt as she did. Then Becky said another key phrase: “Sissy!” With that word michelle’s cock grew hard and rigid once again.

“Every time you hear that word you will grow hard and your sexual cravings will overwhelm you. you will be able to think of nothing other than sex — and you will be willing to do anything to relieve your sexual heat. Nothing will release your sexual frenzy other than an orgasm. Do you understand, michelle?”, Becky asked.

michelle shook her head as she again began to feel her body betray her. She tore at his flimsy nightie, tearing it from her body and BEGGING his wife to fuck him. “Please, honey. FUCK me! i’ll do ANYTHING to cum! Please — find me SOMEONE to fuck!”

he was in a frenzy now — a frenzy that would only be satisfied if someone let him cum. Sandy was not about to let this moment go to waste. Still wearing her black cock she commanded her husband to get on all fours! And then, as michelle’s naked body prepared itself — breasts swaying — ass seductively inviting the cock to penetrate her — Sandy thrust the black dildoe deep within her husband’s pussy. As she fucked him, Becky said: “CUM”. mike came, leaving a pool below him. “EAT it”, she commanded. And, with Sandy still fucking his pussy hole, michelle lowered her head and lapped up her cum.


That was a week ago. Since then, michelle has made a lot of money for his wife and sister. You see, he can do nothing BUT — ever since they turned him into a shemale and slut, unbeknowst to him.

To Be Continued

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  1. grace

    This love story is a perfect sample of a total surrender to Superiors Women. It is a forced one, but it can be done in the real world. Congratulations to the House of Staff for this spectacular and teaching unique site.

  2. rubyjo

    Dear Staff of the House of and bambi,
    This is my dream! Someone has put into words the dream rubyjo has had for 20 years, she wakes up in a sweat drenched state. when rubyjo is stressed out seeking escape from situation, this dream and variations based on the stress s.he is under, cause rubyjo to shudder with orgasm after orgasm that wake her up. rubyjo then goes and wears as much as s.he can under her male wear for days trying to recreate the intensity from the dream. rubyjo has corsets that s.he wears under her male wear as well. rubyjo would love to be the “michelle” for a Mistress and be submissive forever and ever!
    Seeking a Mistress this deviant,
    sissy rubyjo

  3. tashia harvey

    ph how I wish I was next yes dress me in a short slutty dress barley covering my ass take me to a club and have me bend over in front of males with a butt plug showing then in vite them to gang bang me in stage

  4. Annette cd

    I wish this would happen to me. I wish the story continued about Michelle craving and lusting for black men, and the women hypnotize him to have sex with many men and gangbangs.

  5. bambi

    I wrote this story quite a few years ago and am happy to see that sissies are still getting their kicks from it. Hope it continues to encourage closet sissies to cross the line into servitude and sissification.

    1. rinas

      Wow, I’ve just came to the House and found this story. It is great, I loved it. This sissy is so into suggestions or conditioning feminization hypnotic audios.

  6. joann42

    i know i am a sissy fagot,,just like michelle and i love it.,,,in my high heels and all,,,,and being the sissy fagott that i am ,,,i just wish that i had one or two woman that would take over my wants and needs and rule me make me lick and suck my cum covered high heel boots or my cum covered high heel shoes and make me stick my sissy clit/cock in a sexy high heel shoe and fuck it till i shoot my cum in it and make me drink it all and then lick that whore shoe till it is clean again.and get me fucked with a dildo or a real dick and then suck them and lick them clean,,,and make me clean house and be the sissy maid that i am

  7. sissytrish

    What a great tale. Very well written. It makes me long to deepen my sissy self. Right now I’m all excited, fully dressed and wishing I had a Sandy and/or Becky to take me, and make me their little sissy slut slave.

  8. ClaraAnn

    I have dreamed of being a woman all my life. I have often wondered if I could be hypnotized and have all my inhibitions erased. I just want to not be afraid to be a woman.

  9. chrissymarie

    Me, me, I want to be next, she said as she stroked her balls like a vagina with one hand then played with her boobs with the other.

  10. JoanCharleneKnight

    Dear staff of the House of

    Lovely story. I only wish someone would give me a more femminine body like that. Even though I developed breasts naturally as well as some femminine features at age 15, my breasts are still small and I still look more male than female.

    Ever wishing I would wake up one morning and see myself in a female body

    Yours Truly

    Joan Charlene Knight

  11. bobbiejewel

    Dear Staff of the House of;
    This is such a lovely and desirable fantisy-reality it makes Your sissy long terribly for such a sissy situation to envelop her for ever and ever.
    Goddess Bless the Staff of House of
    slavegirl bobbie
    sissy of the House of

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