Testosterone (from the Latin for testes) is an androgen isolated from the testes of man and is considered the principal testicular hormone produced in man. It is also normally produced by the adrenal cortex of both human males and females.
It accelerates the growth in tissues upon which it acts and stimulates blood flow. It stimulates and promotes the growth of secondary sexual characteristics and is essential for normal sexual behavior and the occurrence of erections. It is essential for normal growth and development of the male accessory organs. It is responsible for deepening of the male voice at puberty, greater muscular development in men, development of beard and pubic hair, and distribution of fat in adult men. It also affects many metabolic activities.

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Estrogen {Greek Oistros, mad desire, + gennan, to produce}. Any natural or artificial substance that induces estrogenic activity; more specifically the estrogenic hormones, estradiol and estrone, produced by the ovary. Estrogens are responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics. Natural estrogens include estradiol, estrone, and their metabolic product, estriol. When used therapeutically, estrogens are usually given in the form of a conjugate such as ethinyl estradiol, conjugated estrogens (USP), or the synthetic estrogenic substance, diethylstibestrol.

It is considered important to closely observe people treated with estrogens for any malignant changes in the breast. Estrogen should be administered in the lowest effective dose.

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If feminization is to occur in a genetic male, there must be an increase in estrogens as well as a decrease in testosterone. Think of it as a see-saw. It for this reason that most hormone therapies for the feminization of genetic men include both estrogens as well as some type of anti-androgenic drugs such as spironolactone, aldactone, proscar etc.

The rate of feminization varies from person to person depending on any number of personal factors such as the dosage used (although higher dosage appears to speed up feminization it does carry with it an increased risk. This along with the fact that there is no difference between feminization achieved over a greater amount of time with fewer drugs and thus less detriment to health and that achieved through higher dosage over a shorter period of time. It is considered far more prudent to maintain health and achieve the goal of feminization over a greater amount of time than to speed ahead disregarding the very serious health risks created by this approach.) Genetic constitution (some people are able to absorb estrogens better than other, as well as some have less over all testosterone to overcome.), as well as psycho-emotional conditions and over all health.Generally speaking, feminization will begin to be noticed about 1-3 months after starting on an adequate regime. Libido will decrease as well as ejaculate will become less in quantity (due to the shrinking of the prostate gland).Eventual impotency and sterility is generally considered reversible for the first few months.The skin will start to become softer as well as drier. And about this time ones breasts may start to “bud”(enlargement starting around the areolas and slowly continuing to fill the breast area with breast tissue. This will cause the breasts to become very sensitive to being bumped or touched), as well as some fat redistribution to the breast area, face (causing an increased roundness and decidedly more female looking lines), hips, and thighs. Body hair will begin to get finer, lighter and sparser while hair on the head gets somewhat fuller. Muscle mass decreases along with significant amounts of physical strength.Many people report increased emotionality, decreased spatial skills, changes in sexual orientation and an over all passivity. It may well effect brain functions. Changing ones interests, thinking process’s etc. It is difficult to know if these effects are a result of new openings and closings in what is socially acceptable or is due to the overall hormonal balance. It is the opinion of the author as a result of personal experience, that hormonal therapy does effect virtually all aspects of ones life experience.

Estrogen replacement therapy does not raise the pitch of ones voice, decrease structural body size or make your feet smaller. Sorry girls.


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    princess sissy is so happy, happy, happy to be continuing sissy’s feminization by Wife and her medical Friends. sissy is being slowly transformed to a full Female sissy. Guidance from the House is invaluable. thank You so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This sissy has been considering hormones for quite some time. sissy misti doesn’t have the best complexion, too many years running around as a lost boy. Will hormones help soften a girl’s face?

    How drastic are the changes?

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    Dear superiors,
    This sissy is pretty new to everything and is a little shy, but would like to know how long s.he should wait before trying hormone replacement, thankyou in advance for any help.
    Your little sissy.

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    Dear Madame Stewart and Staff, thank you for the information regarding hormone treatment. This sissy has flip flopped so many times on the question of hormones and deciding what is the right course of action for me to follow, that my head is spinning. This is difficult, as i know there are two distinct dynamics at play in the decision making process. The physical is probably the easiest of the two but the emotional one is far more challenging for me. The reality that is in my head tells me that i need to be happy now and not hope, that it will miraculously change due to hormones. This is the first time in my life that i have taken the direction to embrace my true inner feelings and surrender to the instructions of those Superior to me. The question is, will that be enough? What i am experiencing so far is very positive and again, i thank the Staff and Superiors at indiyoga.ru for their inspiration for this truly wonderful resource. This is definitely a journey who’s time has come…

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    Just got done reading about hormones and feminization. Loved the info and looking forward to my journey toward my feminine self. Tjank you for being here for us girlie sissies on the road to sissydom life. Kisses to all steph curl

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    My Dearest Mistress
    this slut is seeing results thanks to her girl juice. My arms are slender and hairless and don’t need to be shaved as well my legs. Those breasts of mine are getting bigger and the nipples more sensitive. This Sissy Maid is shedding tears of girlish gratefulness. I want to thank so much the HOUSE for giving this pathetic panty slave the pink and frilly roadmap to becoming a girl. Most importantly my brain has been rewired to be maternal, nurturing and caring. I am more intuitive and docile. Female Hormones and Phytoestrogens seem to be doing the trick for this girl. Kicking maleness to the curb , this girl feels so liberated. Thank You Again

  7. madcitybillie

    HRT is hard on the organs. However there is a site that has been creating herbal transition tools where the herbs are treated as food. There are some to kill testosterone production(not just block it) and others to get one a healthy amount of estrogen. They have been doing this for about 30 years. Transitions mirror what HRT does. I very nicely fill a 40c. I have been using them for almost 11 months and the trip is a gas. The information on the site is spot on. Even if you plan on doing it with hormones vs your body creating the hormones, educate yourself on the site. I have no association with the site other then using their herbal HRT and belonging in their user forum.

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    I’m needing hormones to feminize my body to be as close to female as I can make myself makeup training would be wonderful as well to best present myself as a Woman. Can i obtain a resource For doctors that specialize in this. Male to female transition

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