Is it time for your girl juice?

Welcome boys and girls to the super sexy, silky, and complex world of hormone replacement therapy. Always a continual question topic to the House Staff, we have spent a great deal of effort to locate and compile this information for you. There’s a lot of stuff here girls, and we’re here to talk about any questions you may have.

The internet has seen many sites come and go, often huge storehouses of really important information – instantly go offline. By sharing this information widely and freely, we’ll keep making it accessible for the girl on her journey.

Before starting on a hormonal regime, read everything you possibly can very carefully. It is much more favorable that you do so under the skilled care of a medical profession. However if you choose to go it alone; do so with knowledge.

This section on hormones is posted for educational and entertainment purposes only. We in no way condone or condemn monitored or unmonitored hormonal use. Do so at your own risk. Void where prohibited.

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  1. rebecca

    This slut has been on hormone therapy for 6 years. She has very soft skin now and real feminine curves. The sluts breasts were growing nicely but decided to get implants to be more slutty.

    She does hope her Superiors are OK that she started on her own. It excites this slut very much to be taking hormones at the behest of her Superior.

  2. sissy pammie

    While surfing the web for information on feminization diets pammie has run across many articles from doctors warning about certain foods to be avoided when taking hormones. That reinforced pammie’s belief that a doctors consultation is very important before embarking on any hormone therapy, even herbal.
    pammie plans to continue eating healthy estrogen rich foods, loosing weight, and slimming he.r waistline. Then s.he will try herbal supplements to put fat where it belongs, on he.r tits and ass.

  3. vain carolin

    Dear The Staff

    this sissy thinks this is an important step for the sissy.

    The health of the sissy must be taken into account. It’s not just about being a good sissy but a useful sissy.

    This sissy is very interested and what is feasible for the sissy…?


  4. Joan

    You can buy OTC phytoestrogen/herbal hormone replacement products (HRT?) in healthy food stores and some drugstores. These products are designed to help older women supplement their hormones through menopause. Depending on your body chemistry (Individual results will vary) these OTC products may, I repeat may, have some minor observable feminizing effect on male bodies. I am in my sixties, so that has a bearing on the impact of these products as well. I am robust for my age, but I’m not a 20 year old stud muffin
    I am not endorsing anything here. I am only recounting my own experiences regarding herbal hormone products.

    I recently took “Feminol 2.0” an herbal hormone supplement available online, for six months at the recommended dosage and observed some physical effects that included; smoother skin, slower body hair growth, a minor increase in nipple size, a shift in mental perspective, and a slight loss of muscle tissue. The recommended regime for taking any hormones (even herbal ones) is to quit alcohol, coffee, nicotine, cannabis and the like to optimize the hormones effects on your body. I chose not to observe that regime (and interrupt my lifestyle) so the herbal hormones probably didn’t kick in as well as they might have.
    I work in the manual trades and need to be physically robust, even at my age (67 years). So I went off the Feminol and recovered my muscle mass, with no other observable side effects. I decided that I didn’t want to chemically transition with real hormones any time soon. Never say Never!
    If you are reasonably healthy, have no allergies to herbs and wanted to explore a minor feminizing effect you could do worse than OTC HRT products. You will get better/safer products at your local drug store/health food store than most of the online crap aimed at us!
    The herbal hormones gave me a taste of something that ‘could be’ if I were prepared to make the sacrifices necessary. I can still explore my femininity through mental and emotional development.

  5. Pattykate

    Recently, I was informed that there is a possibility that I can take hormone replacement therapy. If I am prescribed the patch, there is a lower risk of a blood clot. So, while my dr says he is uncomfortable with prescribing it, he will support my getting the hormones. So, I am going to Planned Parenthood in 2 weeks.

  6. Pattykate

    I have been taking Breast Booster, Estro Gain, Estro Boost, Fem Figure, Fem Curves, Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek. I have been taking them for over 2 years and have developed some boobies.

  7. Pattykate

    I have been told by my primary doctor that I cannot take HRT, as I had a heart attack back in December 2014. So, I am taking “natural” hormones. I have been taking them for over 2 years.

  8. subbyrhi

    Well this little plaything has been on tablets (blockers and E( for about 2 years now and OMG its amazing,
    The little boodies have grown up and i feel so amazing..
    this little slut wishes that it had someone to ‘force’ it to take them and become the sissy, slut that it knows it was born to be.


      1. jane

        jane just loves it when Madam Stewart refers to her as ‘honey’. That word makes her feel so special and wanted. jane would luv to do anything that pleases Madam Stewart. Hormones are such a big step. No turning back. jane knows hormones are what she wants and needs to be her true self. she is close to committing to them., especially after reading girly legs and jezebel’s comment about how they feel taking the hormones.?

  9. girly legz

    This little girl is starting to see results, my hips are getting wider and bottom rounded and more feminine. I pleased that my emotions are lady like in nature, more empathetic and nurturing than ever. My skin is so much softer and my body hair is not returning as much the more i shave. Female Hormones and Phytoestrogen seem to being doing a lot for me . my breasts are growing too with cleavage included, wow when this little sissy wears something low cut she can see it. What a journey to my transformation to a Sissy Maid and obeying housewife

  10. Jezebel

    Recently i went and saw my health care provider for a yearly exam and mentioned that i was a sissy and wanted to be develop breasts. She mentioned that She needs to do blood work to ensure there was no underlying problems. I made an appointment to see her; i would return in two weeks. i arrived for my appointment and She drew the blood, the results came back and the results revealed there was no problems and she wrote a prescription for Estradiol. My health care provider advised me to read as much as i could on the side effects of Estradiol and what to do if i experienced and serious side effects. I have never done so much reading on any one subject. Moreover, i take the medication as prescribed and never engage in anti-social behaviour (smoke, drink alcohol, take street drugs). In addition, i maintain a healthy diet, exercise and every night before going to bed i take my medication and i document the date, time, and any symptoms i might be experiencing. And at the end every month, i print out the document and give it to Her to be scanned into my medical chart.

  11. wendy

    I have been taking Estro Boost, Estro gain, Fem figure, Breast booster pills and using the Breast booster Cream from Suddenly Fem. for 2 months now am I wasting my time and Money on these and if so what should I be taking Thanks wendy

        1. Madame Stewart

          It takes *many* capsules of these herbal hormones to give a real dosage. The sites you see selling “femininal” etc are fantasy hormones. It’s IMPERATIVE that you seek real assistance from an endocronologist or naturopath when doing something as drastic as hormone therapy. Your liver can be a terrible thing to waste, let alone your clitty!

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