Wife forces husband to wear ‘girly clothes’ as punishment for cheating

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shame the hubby

A furious Superior who dressed Her husband in a “ridiculous outfit” as payback for him cheating has divided social media users.

They are very confused to something that seems perfectly normal to Us!

An image of the man performing his “punishment” was shared on Facebook and later to Reddit and shows him hesitantly standing by a bicycle, wearing a little girl’s dungarees complete with a pastel pink T-shirt, matching hat and sunglasses.

“Have you ever wanted to get even with your husband?” the scorned Wife wrote in the controversial post.

“Well my husband was caught cheating but instead of divorce we made a deal. He must go out once a week wearing the most ridiculous outfits I can imagine.”

He appeared to be part way through a bike ride before stopping in the middle of a park for his photo to be taken.

Attached to the handles of the bike was a pink balloon and a sign that read:

“This is my desperate cheating husband’s public punishment.

“Please take a photo and share it with his wife.”

It also had a link to a Facebook page called “” which states that instead of divorcing, the couple made a “deal”.

“Whenever I tell him to, he must go out in public dressed as a sissy in shiny pantyhose and be humiliated,” the page reads.

Currently there have been no photos shared or posted to the page.

shame the hubbySocial media users have been left baffled she decided to stay in the “unhealthy relationship”, instead of just leaving him.

“It’s truly unfortunate that she’ll be the last one to realise this display is far more embarrassing for herself than any costume she dresses him up in,” one Reddit user wrote.

“That’s the confusing part for me. It’s so much more embarrassing for her that she stayed with him and publicly told the world she stayed with him,” another agreed.

“I don’t even get that. My ex cheated on me; I was so heartbroken and just destroyed over it, I could have never made a joke of it,” a third person wrote.

One person told the couple: “Just get divorced and save everyone some time and embarrassment.”

Others agreed that while the wife’s “humiliating act” was entertaining, it doesn’t address the issue of his cheating.

“If this is the worst consequence he’ll get, I’d imagine he will continue cheating anyway,” one person wrote.

“But how is being adorable a punishment?” asked another.

Some Reddit users were convinced the husband’s outfit and public shaming might have been part of a sexual kink the couple shared.

“Just letting everyone know: This is very likely a humiliation kink instead of an actual response to cheating,” one person wrote. “Posting online and having all of your friends and acquaintances find out would be very humiliating. Also the whole dressing in ridiculous outfits in public is spot on.

“It’s still possible they’re both crazy and just aren’t breaking up, but it’s more likely that it’s a fetish thing.”

It’s a indiyoga.ru thing.

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2 days ago

sissy lanna was married 14 years. Ex Spouse knew how much this girl loved Womens clothes. She knew not letting this girl dress was worse punishment.

sissy andrea
3 days ago

sounds to sis wife would make a good mistress, superior can dress sis anytime, what a lovely punishment, yes please

princess jimmie
3 days ago

laughing as being dressed as a sissy would be a reward for the sissies of The House.

Madame Stewart
Reply to  princess jimmie
3 days ago

So true princess! The straight vanilla world just doesn’t understand honey.

Reply to  princess jimmie
2 days ago

This girl could only ever dream her Ex Spouse would force this upon her. Since She knew lanna loved Womens clothes, She definately would have enforced domestic duties, and made sissy a cuck as well as made her service Wifes Bulls, just so lanna didn’t get it easy.