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Other World Kingdom

There is a 16th century castle in the Czech. Republic where Women rule and all men serve. This not a fantasy…. this a reality. Imagine a huge complex with high walls, security camera surveillance and grounds where pony boys pull carriages and live as animals. Where sissies serve as maids everyday. Where a submissive can become a kitty or a dog and much more. A world out side the world. It has its own all female police force its own court laws and currency. And it is 100% percent absolutely REAL. Not the wild imaginings of some writer or scribblings of a sex deprived comic artist. Brick and mortar structures ruled over by the mysterious .

And just this morning i found out that it is closing…..

This cannot stand. Ever since i first heard about the about six years ago, it has been a very important secret dream of mine to go. Heck, i know at least another dozen or so people Domme and Submissive alike that harbor the same fantasies. It is more than just another failing concern. It is a symbol. It is magical place in our minds whose halls harbor millions of feverish dreams held by and cherished by submissves imagining a place where who and what they are has a purpose. It also is the subject of Superior ladies musings as they imagine a place where the Superior Lady is truly treated as they should be treated and where there word is law.

To the rest of the world the OWK disappearing will be a blip on the weird news page of news papers and a smirking story girlishly tittered by talking heads at the end of news casts on a slow news day…if it is that. For folks like us, however, its like telling a child that Never Land has been flooded with toxic waste…. or Hogwarts has gone Condo. For Fem Domme worshipers like ‘lil ole me its almost too sad to bear.

i don’t think i can stand it again. My first home of my heart was a theater company in this spectacular Victorian theater which was torn down and turned into a Walgreens drug store. My second home was the fabulous Queen Mary Show Lounge In Hollywood, which boasted the longest running continuous drag show in the world. 40 years! It was sold… And now the OWK. Now the pecker heads are going after the real estate of my fantasies… and thats not right.

All of these places provide refuge for the fringe folk. An oasis for the different thinker. Havens for what the Cenobite in Hell Raiser called “Explorers in the outer realms of human experience” and the world shrinks, turns a shade paler and withers a tiny bit.

This morning on where i read the news two submissives were making snarky comments. It seemed so direspectful…. good or bad. The idea is glorious and deserves a least some dignity.

Is there a way to preserve this? Do i have the strength and the will to tilt at this windmill and prevail? Am i in a dress? i don’t have clue. i’m a sissy for christssake. I’m way over my head here.

i guess what i’m asking is…. is there anybody else out there that cares? Am i being a sappy reactionary queen again? Getting all emotional over what is simply unstoppable? How would i go about making something happen? Who will help me? All i know is in my world i cant afford any more of my little dreams to fade away. How bout you?


Carpe Noctum



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I’m one of your loving, grateful sissies…..You have given me the gift of knowing I’m not alone.



  1. congratulations! just wonderful! this sissy so enjoyed learning more about OWK. sissy remembers the “hucows”, a terrible insult to Women. so horrible when sissy heard the term sissy never investigated it. sissy is very thankful to be at the House.

  2. Would like to be forced into being livestock. Mare, sow or cow. Their choice. Am 6 feet 1, thin. Feel I should be on all fours. Do not like being human to much responsibility.

  3. Thanks for this post —

    It’s nice to look back now and realize that the OWK has survived another year.

    If this story revives in the future, however, I suggest a group of us get together and keep the operation going.

    The Other World Kingdom need never close its gates.

    It should remain and expand, from now until the completion of the Cruellan Revolution.

  4. “OWK” is the essence of “the familiar unfamiliar” . . . it is the place where males learn and find their true and real selves and place in the order of creation – kneeling or lying neneath the feet of Supreme Dominant Women! . . . it would be a tragic loss to the culture of the world and of greater society if OWK should close its gates . . . OWK is a major contribution to the realization of and actualization of the ineveitable future: the re-ascendancy of Femal Domination! the original social order must be and will be restored . . . and OWK has played a very real role in helping to correct and re-form, in-form, and conform and form the male mind to accept its proper place beneath females (and it also helps to enlighten many females who have been influenced by the deceptive male dominant culture into thinking that males were in any way superior over women – Women Over men! 🙂

  5. veronica, sounds like a wonderful title! i can only guess what the facility would be like! i would love to be a part of it…i think that i could be a nice ‘hostess’. it would be wonderful to greet guests, in my high heels, black dress, and upswept blonde hair, and direct them to the various activities. do keep us advised, we are all interested.


  6. This wonderful place has missed a good bet for years by doing little to make access or use simple for sissies on this side of the ocean. It is difficult to join their site because there is no US connection that would take cash, money order, etc for site access, so payment must be sent overseas.

    The real question is why we should fly to Europe to be ourselves! I can think of so many menial tasks I would just LOVE to do en femme, and pay for the privilege, in a safe and Woman-run building/complex/ranch/farm ???

    After granting me the honor of being permitted to clean Her apartment every week, Mistress has had to relocate to another state. How strange it is to be a meticulous, hard working house sissy and to suddenly have no outlet for my need to serve! How I miss the sudden panic when Her doorbell would ring!

    But back to the topic – we should suggest OWK have a US address for at least accepting payment for access to their web site! This sissy, for one, would happily subscribe.

    Kisses –


    (How I miss You Ms Lee!)

  7. What im hearing is actually the down turn in the word economy may have given them reprieve. Though the property remains on the market the buyer who was on the hook seems to be taking his time. Also point i noticed As long as iremember the OWK was year round afair. So if they are closing for the freezing cold russian winter that might say something too. The frustrating thing about contacting the OWK and getting information is they are notoriously brief and just wee bit terse. Of course that is to be expected getting queries from a sissy lol My information is comming from several sources actually now but my main source is a Domme in Austria who has been a Lady of the OWK since it opened. Truthfully i wouldnt be more delighted if my reporting was wrong but only time will tell.
    Carpe Noctum
    maid veronica
    Property of Mistress Alexia Jordon

  8. I contacted them through email and from what they told me they are just closed for winter and will be re-opening in the spring. I’m not sure how truthful that is, if they are trying to keep their troubles on the down low currently or if that is what is really occuring. If anyone has any word on this please post.

  9. Hi Amanda ! Well I have been kid of focused on the saving the idea of the OWK rather than the actual realestate. Try this title on for size please tell me what you think Fem Dom Fantasy Court . Cant asy anything else right now but things look very positive. Hang in there Cool things are happening
    Carpe Noctum
    Property of Mistress Alexia Jordon

  10. hey veronica……i am saddened, too. the world needs safe areas for alternative lifestyles to flourish. they are where exploration and creativity occur. even those who briefly visit them are changed for the better. i hope that a new OWK will spring up…but it certainly won’t be as lovely as the OWK we all wish to visit.


  11. Hi Stuart and fifi , You know , Im kinda looking into this a little deeper and have gotton some wonderful suggestions from Mistresses much more knowledgable than i . I will be posting about what idisvover in the near future please stay tuned ! and thanks for posting !
    Carpe Noctum
    Property of Mistress Alexia Jordon

  12. I am one of those who has long held fantasies of serving in the OWK, and I am greatly saddened to hear it is closing. So you are certainly not alone Veronica. I don’t know if anything can be done about it, though.

  13. This is simply wonderful! I would absolutely love to come to this home and serve. I couldn’t ask for anything else. If there is a way I could get more information on it that would be great. I am just in aw that there is such a place and hope that I can one day be a servent.

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