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The old drag name comes from the cross between gossip, and a dish, as in a real sweetie. Especially when you want to get the whole “deep dish”. <ahem>

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pink bunny

What are you this Easter – Bunny or Honey?

Let the the Easter madness begin: Spring is on its way! After months swaddled in layers of warm clothing now ...
sexy sissy sexting

sexy sissy sexting

Valentines is a day for love and lovers. A day for flowers, romance, and candy hearts. A day for Cupid, ...
Perfect Holiday

Have you been a good girl for Santa?

Christmas is fast approaching and if you’ve not yet thought of suitable girlie gift ideas you may just go without! ...
Panty Flash

Transgender Awareness = Flash those panties!

Flash those panties for transgender week!For this special week of Transgender Awareness, you should tell someone close to you that ...
Back to School Sissies

Back to School Sissies

It’s that time of the year when after such a lovely summers break you have to get back to school ...
Get Ready for Valentines

Get Ready for Valentines

It’s time to start preparing for Valentine’s Day. And no doubt some of you sissy girls have already put up red ...
sissy rock stars

sissy rock stars!

Everyone knows that sissies are talented – not only at the usual sexual favors, but artistically. But did you know ...
Invasion of the Pines

Invasion of the Pines

While most vanilla folks Fourth of July plans may include a hearty barbecue and some fireworks, something girlish and more ...
out at 90!

Out at 90!

A transgender World War II veteran proves it’s never too late to live life truthfully. Patricia Davies, from Leicestershire, England, ...
beautiful boy

An Artist and Her ‘Beautiful Boy’

In their intimate portraits, the photographer Lissa Rivera and her partner, BJ Lillis, are building their own fantasy world. On ...
Shoes of Worship

Foot Worship For Sissies

When was the last time you stooped so low to care for your Goddesses’ feet? Being a Dominant Woman in ...
Tramp Stamp

You need a Tramp Stamp!

“Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bull’s-eye.” The British call it a “slag tag,” and the ...
Style Me Quirky

You need to go to London. Now.

There I was, flipping through photos of the girls on FaceTube. Looking for that perfect face that might just make Our next ...
Dimitri is a sweetheart

The journey of dimitri

At the age of 14 Dimitri told his parents he was a girl. They reacted by admitting him to an ...
Transgendered Band

India’s First Transgender Band

They’re super ‘Happy’ to sing for India’s trans community! An Indian band comprised of six transgender women released its first music video ...
God LOVES fags!

Westboro Baptists eats it’s own!

One might think that crazy Kentucky clerk Kim Davis who’s been refusing to honor the law and issuing gay marriage licenses would be ...
A living doll!

A Living Blow-Up Doll!

Transgender plastic surgery addict spends over $120k on surgery to look like blow-up doll Katella Dash, a transgender woman who ...
sissy gwendolyn loves wearing women's clothing

sissy gwendolyn loves women’s clothing!

Sissy Goodwin teaches power plant technology at Casper College in Wyoming. The 68-year-old Vietnam veteran dresses in women’s clothing, wears ...
8 Transgender Stars You Should Know

8 Transgender Stars You Should Know

So you think you’re all alone being TG in 2015? Well honey, where have you been? In the closet? Here’s some ...
Happy Birthday Frankenfurter!

Happy Birthday Frankenfurter!

Is this the single time that Tim Curry was willing to discuss Rocky Horror and and his role as Frank ...

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